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Excited Anticipation

Posted by Sean on 27 August 2006

The sleepless nights have started, but it hasn’t been because of nerves. Everything that has led me to London Business School has reassured me that I have absolutely made the right choice (both to do a full time MBA and at LBS). I have already met some friends through the admits weekend, the barbeque, and various drinks outings that have been diligently organised through Portal (the fantastic intranet that makes us already feel like a community). My sleepless nights come from the excitement of finally starting this adventure that I have spent over a year preparing for. I can’t wait any longer!

I am right now on an extended pre-term vacation, sipping a Yuengling Lager (interestingly the oldest brewery in the US even though the beer has never made it out of Pennsylvania – good pub trivia fact), and writing my first blog entry. Having lived in London for the last three years, my wife and I are doing our normal summer ritual of heading back to the US to see family and shop, shop, shop. This time is different though as I have to equip myself for a new life as a student. I am spending more time looking at jeans and nice casual clothes than looking at suits, ties, and dress shoes. It really is 'back to school' shopping like we used to do each August with my mom. I thought that the new-school-year excitement of August was long over, and it is fantastic to have it back. London Business School, here I come!