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Posted by Adcoms on 07 September 2010

After 4 years, we decided it was time to give our blog a makeover.  Please visit our new look blog, complete with a fresh group of London Business School student bloggers from our MBA, Masters in Finance and Masters in Management programmes at London Business School student views.

The new site retains all of the content found on this blog, along with a few new features that we hope you’ll enjoy. We look forward to welcoming you to the new site, and hope you continue to follow the London Business School student experience!

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What does it feel to be an alumna?

Posted by Martha on 20 September 2008

Better than I thought. At business school, I thought alumni came from a different, cold, and very distant world. I thought as an alumna I would feel gone from the action, away from where important things were happening (aka business school).

But, yesterday was my first day in Dubai and have already met with a good friend of mine: Neville Crawley. We were in the same stream during the MBA and together studied Mandarin symbols for hours. In addition, I have already reached out to a few other business school alumni, with whom I am likely to meet within the next few days. Yesterday I realised I trust these people significantly, I feel strongly connected to them, and I feel at home with them - all of us foreigners in the same city.

I might just be too excited about starting full-time work, but today I feel very happy, proud, and -must accept- relieved to belong to this network of people. Today I think being an alumna is awesome!

Later will tell more about Dubai and life in consulting after an MBA and oil rigs.

Two years later: was my MBA worth pursuing?

Posted by Martha on 26 August 2008

2008_aug_cambodia_97 Just came back from a thirty-day trip in Southeast Asia and I will continue to travel for a few more days before landing in Dubai for a full-time job. I could say my ability to enjoy time off has dramatically improved – thanks to the MBA. Without empty pages on my passport, after two marathons, and with lots of new friends and rewarding memories, the MBA has been a package of experiences.

Needless to say, I also discovered the business world – after a few years in oil rigs. Obviously, I have also broadened my set of skills, particularly those of teamwork and business judgement. Yet, the biggest impact of the MBA has been at a personal level: a change of mindset. I feel more ownership over my professional career and life than I did before. I have also genuinely learnt to appreciate the balance and combination of work and pleasure.

No need to make this blog entry long – the MBA was worth pursuing and wise to choose London Business School.

Sex and the City

Posted by Martha on 29 May 2008

Saw the movie and thought it was fabulous. I had never seen the series before thus had to quickly acquire all knowledge of it. Somewhat corny but so funny! Strongly recommend it - to girls I guess...

Mountain Biking Around London

Posted by Martha on 25 May 2008

Yesterday I took a 4-hr mountain biking course for beginners with Surrey Hills. The place is a two-hour drive away though only fifty miles from St. John's Wood. There are bikes and relevant gear (helmet, gloves and water bottle) for rent thus it seemed all quite easy. I got no pictures but promise the forest was beautiful and the trails challenging. I learnt a few basic maneuvers (e.g. moving along the bike, braking, corners) which I tried to set in practice unsuccessfully, evidenced by my biggest fall ever. Fortunately I came out in a reasonable shape though not spotless. I strongly recommend the experience but definitely upon practice in easier terrain and preferably on your own bike.

Some other MBAT notes

Posted by Martha on 15 May 2008

Mbat_2008_472I should also add a few lines on my MBAT experience. Awesome!

I was part of the x-country race in which twelve of us ran seven kilometres across hills and mud around the HEC campus. I was also the captain of track & field events: 100, 400, and 1,500 meters; long jump; shot put and relay. In both: x-country and track & field, London Business School came first.

Indeed, there were some very skilled people out there, for example: Christian Wentzel got medals in the 100-meter race, relay, long jump and shot put, while Karen Milligan came second in x-country and first in the 1,500-meter race. People like Peter Biskup also did a great job putting the teams together and coordinating the events on the day.

It is by far one of the best events of my MBA experience and strongly encourage you all to be an active part of it in any way you can.

Beautiful European Places

Posted by Martha on 01 May 2008

2008_april_europe_800_copy 2008_april_europe_498_copyAfter twelve weeks of hard work, I decided to take a break in Nice, Monte-Carlo and Luzerne. These places are so beautiful. For months I limited my weekends to Amsterdam and London and only by accident I ended up in Southern Europe, from where I moved to Switzerland by mere luck. I liked Switzerland and Monaco the most. Luzerne is so small and authentic, and with places like Mount Pilatus (2,132 meters high). Monte-Carlo is charming and just beautiful, and only a few minutes from Nice. This time I limited my travel to Europe because I had to be back in London for my last school term. Yet, there are many others who are either already working, or taking a long time off to do more serious travelling around Asia or South America. Indeed, our flexible MBA programme has given us a broad range of options to develop and enjoy.

Milton Keynes Half-Marathon

Posted by Martha on 09 March 2008

Dsc01536_v2 Dsc01541_v2Dsc00336_4 A week ago, five of us travelled to Milton Keynes for a half-marathon. Steve McCurry rented a black Golf at Streetcar, and drove us there and back. The race route was hilly and with a few narrow paths but enjoyable. By chance, we ran into Nely Villegas, a Mexican studying at UCL and attending Entrepreneurship at London Business School. The six of us - all with different fitness levels, proudly made it in under two hours (and a few minutes). It is the first time I am in a race with friends and I really liked it. Karen kept smiling throughout the race and pushing me beyond my speed boundaries. Nely and I will likely run Paris marathon together next April and that will be awesome!

Tien's Happy Birthday

Posted by Martha on 21 February 2008

2008_feb_21_021_4 Yesterday was Tien's birthday. She is a wonderful girl from Taiwan, with experience in P&G, and planning to join an oil major upon graduation, next July. Her birthday party took place at the Ordnance Arms pub in St. John's Wood. I could see a few people coming and going, in the few minutes I was there. Here they are - in the picture: Tien and Christoph. Christoph is a German guy who used to work at Merck and is not joining a top consulting firm. They are both really cool. I hope Tien had a great time.

More pictures of the event

Brighton Half-Marathon

Posted by Martha on 18 February 2008

Brighton_17_feb_08Brighton_17_feb_08_03 Brighton_17_feb_08_04 Yesterday, I ran the Sussex Beacon Half-Marathon in Brighton in 2:05hrs. The race and the city were a great experience and strongly recommend it. Leaving at 07:11hrs from London Bridge at 0 C was odd but by the start of the race (09:45hrs), the weather was much better, even sunny. The run was pleasant: through the city and then along the beach. I stayed at the New Steine Hotel (a few steps from the start of the race and from the beach), went to the pier and ate tasty Thai food. I really liked Brighton - so different from London: small and quiet and yet, a great quality experience and only an hour away!

Kyle's Birthday

Posted by Martha on 06 February 2008

6_feb_2008_001_copy 6_feb_2008_002 6_feb_2008_003_copy 6_feb_2008_004_copy Yesterday's was Kyle's birthday. He is an American man with a big smile and charming personality. I remember him most with a beer in his hands, when at the pub, or with glamorous movements, when presenting in class. Stream B (made of 70+ students who shared the classroom during our 1st year) and others were invited to the event. We drank, ate and laughed a lot. Interestingly I did no take a single picture of Kyle but here are some of others.

A Tennis Experience at Regent's Park

Posted by Martha on 03 February 2008

3_feb_016 Today I played tennis for the first time, at the Regent's Park Tennis Centre, for only £6.5/hr. Not sure this is a good or a bad price but I had a great time. I also enrolled in formal tennis lessons (6x1-hr lessons for £72 for the very beginners) and will attend on Thursdays from 8:00 to 9:00pm. I hope it is a good experience while I get out of the running shoes, for a change. I took a picture with the freezing ducks in the lake.


Posted by Martha on 03 February 2008

3_feb_005 3_feb_006 3_feb_010The Consulting Club continues to deliver one-on-one 'crack-a-case' training sessions, getting students ready for consulting interviews on campus. We have delivered over 700 sessions during the first four weeks of the 10-week term. The sessions, delivered to first-year students by second-year MBA students, demonstrate the commitment of our student community, career services and the Club, to help others achieve their dream jobs. Last Friday, five of us, who last year prepared to achieve a full-time offer in top consulting firms, hosted a second workshop on how to structure a case interview. This is an example of the Club's efforts and the eagerness of fellow students to help out. I am really proud of our training initiatives and hope we can continue to make a difference.

The first weeks of Spring term for us 2nd years

Posted by Martha on 25 January 2008

Jan_25_08_014_blog Jan_25_08_006_blog Jan_25_08_005_blogJan_25_08_003_blog_2

Mohit's farewell party became hillarious when Shri invited Mohit for a dance. Khizar Khan was enthusiastic about the event too. On the other hand, our Brand Management week was made of friendly encounters after a long time no see.

Still Jet Lagged But Enjoying My Year 2

Posted by Martha on 25 January 2008

Jan_25_08_016 Jan_25_08_015_blog I came back from Mexico three weeks ago to dive into my Brand Management course. It was a very interesting and cool block week. Two weeks ago, I started two more electives: Financing the Entrepreneurial Business and Venture Capital & Private Equity. Although there is overlap, each course has its own style, cases and passionate professors. I am revisiting Finance concepts I had managed to forget and partnering with people I like and can learn from for group work.

Last term was difficult for various reasons: came back exhausted from two summer internships, did lots of work for the Consulting Club and even took somehow part of the Milk Round for full-time jobs. This term, having spent a full month of freedom and love in Mexico, I feel revitalised (though with a never-ending jet-lag).

I am devoting my time to school work, my second year project, running, the club and myself. I will give swimming and tennis a try too. 6 1-hr swimming lessons at 7:00am on Mondays at the school's pool for £30 seems not bad though too early for the least exciting day of the week.

Last Wednesday we had one of our best Consulting Club meetings at the Hob Goblin by school (see pictures). We laughed a lot, had a good meal and a few drinks. I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from my contribution to the club. This role is by far one of the best experiences I have had at London Business School.

This term is looking really good. We are all set with job offers and only a few courses. I am having a fantastic time!