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It was a bit noisy downstairs...

Posted by Jerome on 01 September 2007

... as the neighbours were hosting a party in the street all day. That was part of the Notting Hill Carnival of course which I saw the first day only this year, Sunday 26th: children's day. It's actually not that bad as the parade is really professional and the streets a little less crowded, but still the same amount of music and yummy chicken.
Monday was still a bank holiday but also the MBA kick off. Not sure whether that should be considered the first week really as it was more about knowing each other as well as the programme for the upcoming two years. One of the activities I really liked that week was when all nationality groups (we're 58 nationalities this year by the way) had to put together a 2 minute introduction about its culture and anything the others should know about it without probably knowing. The Germans won the contest, they really deserved it as they were pretty imaginative.
The week literally flew by: barbecues, pubs, parties, briefings,... A very good induction before the month of September which should take us one step closer to the actual back to school period and the challenging mix of academics and student associations starting with autumn term!

D-day minus three...

Posted by Jerome on 24 August 2007

Imgp2776... I am back to London from a 2 month break back home in Bordeaux, France. A bit tough to leave friends, family and the beach, but there should be a lot of fun waiting for us at school. The first week won’t be too rough; a barbecue is even planned on the first day! I am going warm up at the Notting Hill carnival this Sunday. If I show up early enough I’ll be able to video tape the parade. Hundreds of thousand people are going to invade the neighbourhood, zillion of decibels and smells of jerk chicken will be there too. I promise you a video with some highlights next week.