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This blog has moved

Posted by Adcoms on 07 September 2010

After 4 years, we decided it was time to give our blog a makeover.  Please visit our new look blog, complete with a fresh group of London Business School student bloggers from our MBA, Masters in Finance and Masters in Management programmes at London Business School student views.

The new site retains all of the content found on this blog, along with a few new features that we hope you’ll enjoy. We look forward to welcoming you to the new site, and hope you continue to follow the London Business School student experience!

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We have moved to http://blog.students.london.edu/


A day in the life

Posted by Franco on 13 September 2008

Another Saturday morning that came after a week filled with Clubs presentations, meetings with alumni, assignments, cultural exchange, new friends and London.This week I found how amazing is the support that LBS network offers. In fact, this network is just an e-mail away, no matter in which region of the world the person who you want to contact lives. They will no hesitate to help you if you ask for help or guidance.

Yesterday the rain visited London again. After a sunny day, rain met me near the Big Ben. I was with some friends from the programme: Tomoki and Tadahiro, from Japan;Janser, from Brazil;Juan Camilo, from Colombia;Santiago, Andres, Alma and Maru, from Mexico and Padvel, from Bulgaria. We spent the afternoon walking through London, talking about topics not necessarily related to the MBA programme, learning from each other, until the sunset. It was great! Those kinds of experiences are the ones who inspire me.

Another Saturday, time to go to sign up with the doctor and finish the Council Tax. But most important, another chance to enjoy, learn, see and share with others and from others. Just another day in London, and it is great!


September 1rst, 2008. 7 am

Posted by Franco on 02 September 2008

September 1rst, 2008. At 7 am I was at LBS reading some emails because now I am in the process of getting internet at home. 8.45 am and finally the MBA starts. Statistics was the first course. Talking about Central Tendency Measures was a good way to make the whole class focus. But, in fact, I liked the class. It was different from my previous studies. The main point: Reality and statistics applications to it! Yes, the first day was tough! Everybody was excited and with a little bit of uncertainty.

Beyond all of this, in just one week I had the opportunity to meet incredible people. I was very lucky to be assigned to Study Group D-4. 6 awesome young guys! Marijn, from the Netherlands; Smriti, from the USA; Abishek, from India; Norm, from Canada and Sergio, from Spain, gave me the opportunity to feel the Global Reputation of the programme. But beyond that, they gave me the opportunity to discover amazing people who help and support each other as a team, in order to build relationships base on friendship, responsibility and professionalism. So, thank you guys! (I am sure that this opinion will remain until the end of this year!) Also, my stream is pretty good! So, I am happy but tired! Really tired! Now, it is 7.57 am. I still have no internet at home so I am writing this from LBS (24/7 open!). In exactly one hour my UGM class (Understanding General Management) will begin. We will talk about Sochiro Honda and Apple. Almost 25 pages to read in total! So yesterday I had a loooong night! But it worth the effort! So, here I am, again, hoping that these words could help you to have another perspective of life at LBS. But above all, hoping that at the end of this process that in which probably you are now (getting a MBA), you could have the tools to make the best decision. I am sure that London Business School will offer the best to you, as well as it is offering to me now! Cheers

Why I chose London Business School?

Posted by Franco on 23 August 2008

I remember that I got the same question last February, at my interview: Why I chose London Business School? I will share with you the same answer that I gave back then. Talking about London Business School is talking about its excellent faculty, its multicultural environment, its recognition as one of the best business schools in the world, its location in one of the most fabulous cities on the planet, among a few of the school’s characteristics. But besides these qualifications, I chose studying at London Business School because of its soul. Yes, its “soul”. London Business School offers me not only all the benefits that other top Business School could offers me, but also, the soul of a Community that cares for the world in which it lives.

London Business School offers me a family that will stay with me for the rest of my life and one on which I will be part as an active member far beyond my period as a student.  I am convinced that studying at London Business School is one of the most important decisions that I have made; most important, I am convinced that I made the best decision: Be one of the members of the London Business School family!

In this blog I will try to share with you my experiences during the MBA. Not only the academics, but also the personal ones, because they are linked to each other. In this blog I will share with you the experiences of a 28 year old Peruvian guy in London. My purpose is to help you to expand your knowledge of the school, on the basis of my own experience. And who knows! Maybe I will see you next year arriving to London with the same dreams and hopes that I have now, as part of the 2011 class. Who knows!

So, this is a personal invitation for you! If you decide to study an MBA in the future, you have the great opportunity to join one of the best business schools in the world, to join the London Business School family and start a journey filled with dreams, passion, challenges and success. We are waiting for you!