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This blog is for MBA applicants who want to know more about life as part of the London Business School community. The site is managed by the MBA Admissions Team with content provided by students and alumni.

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This blog has moved

Posted by Adcoms on 07 September 2010

After 4 years, we decided it was time to give our blog a makeover.  Please visit our new look blog, complete with a fresh group of London Business School student bloggers from our MBA, Masters in Finance and Masters in Management programmes at London Business School student views.

The new site retains all of the content found on this blog, along with a few new features that we hope you’ll enjoy. We look forward to welcoming you to the new site, and hope you continue to follow the London Business School student experience!

If you link to this blog, please adjust your links accordingly.

We have moved to http://blog.students.london.edu/


Congratulations MBA2010!

Posted by Adcoms on 09 July 2010

London Business School is celebrating the graduation of the Full-time MBA class today. Students are joined on campus by friends and family from all over the world to reflect on their achievements from the last 15-21 months

Staff and faculty are proud to celebrate the success of our community. We wish you all the very best in your careers, as they take you all over the world. 

For a taste of today’s celebration watch MBA TV

CNN broadcast of British leadership debate

Posted by Adcoms on 30 April 2010

Last night, CNN broadcast live from London Business School, to get the views of our students on the third Prime Ministerial debate, focussed on the economy. 

For those of you who were unable to watch the live coverage last night, catch the CNN report at http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/world/2010/04/29/ctw.foster.biz.students.reax.cnn?iref=allsearch 

CNN broadcasting from campus tonight

Posted by Adcoms on 29 April 2010

As part of the current series of Prime Ministerial debates taking place on British television, international broadcaster CNN will be broadcasting live from London Business School on Thursday 29 April to get the views of our students on the leaders, the issues and the forthcoming General Election as they watch the debate unfold.

It will be broadcast across the world, so tune in if you can! If you are watching in the UK, it starts at 19.30 BST.

Broadcast timings for other regions:
PT:   12.30 (Thursday)
ET:   15.30 (Thursday)
BST:  19.30 (Thursday)
CET:  21.30 (Thursday)
New Delhi: 01.00 (Friday)
Hong Kong: 03.30 (Friday)
Sydney:  06.30 (Friday)

Second stage application deadline for Full-time MBA beginning in August 2010

Posted by Adcoms on 22 December 2009

If you are considering applying for the autumn 2010 intake, the Stage 2 application deadline is Wednesday 6 January 2010 at 17.00 (UK time).  Please give yourself plenty of time to submit your application and try not to leave it to the last minute. In the hour or so before the deadline the server is extremely busy. Stage 2 candidates will receive notification of whether they have been selected for interview via email on 09 February, and Stage 2 interviewed candidates will receive their final admission decision on 25 March.

If you experience any difficulties in submitting your application please follow the Help links within the online application form, or contact our Admissions Office directly at apply.mba@london.edu or telephone  +44 (0)20 7000 7525         

Winter closure dates

Please note the MBA Admissions Office will be closed from 17.00 on Tuesday 23 December until 09.00 on Monday 04 January. 

Common applications questions

Q. Do you require original copies of my transcripts?

Yes, but not yet. We only require copies of your academic transcripts at this application stage. If these documents are not in English then you should provide a translation. If you are extended an offer we will require an official paper transcript and a certified or notarised English translation if not in English. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to retract an offer of admission already made if there is any discrepancy between the transcript copy and the original.

We do not require transcripts for courses that did not contribute to a degree.

We prefer applicants to submit transcripts online. Full instructions can be found within the application form. 

Q. Can you confirm receipt of my GMAT/English test score or other supplementary information?

Please do not contact the Admissions Office for confirmation that your references, university transcripts, GMAT or English test scores have arrived.  We receive hundreds if not thousands of items of post during the run up to the application deadline and to confirm the receipt of these would dramatically slow the admission and reviewing process for all candidates. Once all of the information has been opened and collated, should an application be missing any documents the candidate will be contacted by the Admissions team. 

If you are curious as to the status of your references, this can be checked by logging into your online application account and viewing the Referee Status.

Q. My references / transcripts have been delayed and will not arrive until after the deadline. Will you still accept my application in this stage?

If you submit your application by the Stage 2 deadline, we will accept supplementary materials that arrive during the week following this deadline.  If an item is delayed by more than 1 week your application may be moved into the following Stage so that it can be reviewed with using the full information, but you will be contacted beforehand if this is the case. If you do not hear from the Admissions team you should assume that your application is proceeding in Stage 2.

Wishing you a happy 2010 and the best of luck for your application. 

MBA TV - Episode fourteen

Posted by Adcoms on 15 September 2009

In episode fourteen we watch the class of MBA2009 graduate from the full-time programme at London Business School. Graduation recognises the outstanding achievement of an MBA, giving students the chance to celebrate a life-changing two year experience with the life-long friends that they’ve made along the way. Our graduating MBA class are looking forward to bright futures, with many of them embarking on careers that will take them around the world.


In this episode:
- MBA Programme Director, Gareth Howells tells us his highlights from the past year
- Graduating MBA students and their families share their feelings about graduation and the MBA experience



Are you considering an MBA?


Application for the MBA class beginning in August 2010 is open from September 2009. For details on how to apply visit http://www.london.edu/programmes/mba/applying.html


A wide range of scholarships are available to successful applicants who apply in Stages 1, 2 and 3. For more details visit http://www.london.edu/programmes/mba/scholarships.html

MBA TV - Episode thirteen

Posted by Adcoms on 06 August 2009

The latest episode of MBA TV is here.
Any student at London Business School will tell you that their schedule is as hectic as rush hour at Piccadilly Circus, yet there is always one event which every MBA has in their diary.

During term time the ever popular weekly ‘Sundowners’ gives students the chance to meet up with fellow classmates and students from other programmes, whilst providing further opportunity to meet recruiters.

In this episode we speak to the team who make it happen and some the MBA students who’ve enjoyed Sundowners.

Visit our website to learn more about recruitment opportunities at the School.

Q&A with a member of the London Business School Consulting team

Posted by Adcoms on 16 July 2009

Campus is noticeably quieter this week.

In the last few days we’ve waved goodbye to the 300+ graduating MBA2009s, and most of the MBA2010s have left to start their 8-12 week internships.

However, for the eight MBA2010s that make up the London Business School Consulting Team, our campus will become their office for the next 2-3 months.

Each year six to eight MBA students are selected by London Business School faculty and staff to form their own consultancy to provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of clients. Competition for a place in this team is tough! We took some time out to speak to one of its members to find out why.

Dennis Valdez (MBA2010, USA)
Pre-MBA: Eight years an officer in the U.S. Navy followed by a year at DeWolff, Boberg & Associates, a boutique management consultancy
Post-MBA plans: Entrepreneurship

Q. Why did you choose to apply for the London Business School Consulting Team?

A. We’re all here doing an MBA to broaden our skill set and fill in any gaps that we have identified in our first year. I was attracted to the Consulting Team because unlike traditional internships in management consultancy where you are given projects, there is a strong entrepreneurship element. We actually have to go out there, find the work and sell ourselves as a team. I’m really looking forward to working on a project right from the very beginning of the process all the way through to presenting a solution to the client at the end.

Q. What are the aims of the Team?

A.  At the start of the summer we collectively drew up a contract which addressed each member’s professional and personal goals for the summer and agreed upon our objectives as a team going forward. Unlike working in a management consultancy or most other internships, there is no one person in charge, and therefore our work requires a great deal of teamwork.

In previous years, the London Business School Consulting Team has had a successful track record both professionally and financially. Several team members have gone on to secure jobs at BCG, McKinsey and Bain. Last year’s team brought in a record £130,000 worth of business, and despite the current economic climate we’re on track to achieve this target again this year.

Q. How does the Team work?

A.  The Team is made up of eight MBA students and represents a diverse set of nationalities and professional experiences.  Only two members of the team have previous management consultancy experience.  Other backgrounds include financial services, construction, marketing and IT.

We have strong support from London Business School in terms of being able to leverage the brand. We can use faculty as advisors and sounding boards for ideas on projects, and we’re fortunate to have mentors from a top-tier consultancy. The Careers Services team also work hard to promote us to companies that approach the School.

The London Business School Consulting Team, the facts:

• 8 members, 9 languages spoken
• 50+ years of accumulated professional experience across 20 countries
• Access to word class faculty and a network of 30,000 alumni
• Previous consulting team clients include British Airways, WPP and Nokia

For more information on the 2009 Consulting Team view the brochure here or contact summer.consulting@london.edu

Read about the MBA summer options  http://www.london.edu/programmes/mba/programmedetails/internshipoptions.html

Recruit our talent http://www.london.edu/theschool/recruitourtalent.html

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Posted by Adcoms on 13 July 2009

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Follow the Global Leadership Summit on Twitter

Posted by Adcoms on 29 June 2009

London Business School's sixth annual Global Leadership Summit got underway this morning, featuring the most prestigious group of leaders to be gathered on one stage in London this year. 

Get regular updates on the days events by following the School's Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/LondonBS or by searching for #GLS2009.

MBA TV - Episode twelve

Posted by Adcoms on 24 June 2009

The highlight of the admissions year, Admits Weekend is an opportunity for admitted MBA candidates to meet their future classmates, get a taste of School life and celebrate the start of a life changing experience.

In this episode Marie Lussier, a current MBA student, is your guide to Admits Weekend 2009 as we welcome over 200 Admits and their partners representing 38 nationalities to our campus for a weekend packed full of activities. 

Episode highlights include interviews with

-           MBA2011 Admits

-           Current MBA students

-           Club Representatives

-           MBA Events Manager, Zoe McLoughlin

Are you thinking of applying for an MBA starting 2010?

Find out more about the application process here:


It’s the end of term, but its business as usual for the Admissions team over the summer. To get bite size news and updates as they happen follow the MBA Admissions team on Twitter

MBA TV, Episode eleven

Posted by Adcoms on 01 June 2009

The latest episode of MBA TV is here.

Studying at London Business School gives our MBAs a truly global experience. Their classmates hail from over 60 countries, as well as being taught by world-class faculty from more than 30 countries. As if this wasn’t enough, we have one of the world’s largest International Exchange Programmes (IEP).

Each year around a third of second-year MBAs take the opportunity to spend a term abroad at one of over 30 partner schools, travelling as far afield as China, India, South Africa and Australia, building new business networks and experiencing a new culture.

In this episode we take a closer look at the IEP including:
• An interview with Stephen Chadwick, Student Services Manager on the IEP
• Coverage of the Exchange Fair, where first year MBAs can meet students who have already lived the exchange experience and alumni from partner schools
• Insights from MBAs who’ve returned from exchange.

For more information on the International Exchange Programme visit our MBA programme page

Friday 22 May, Stage 3 admission decisions deadline

Posted by Adcoms on 22 May 2009

If you have submitted an application in Stage 3 for a place on the Full-time MBA programme, you can expect to receive your decision later today (UK time).

Admission decisions will be sent to all applicants by email.

Good luck!

The Admissions Office

MBA TV - Episode ten

Posted by Adcoms on 08 May 2009

Episode 10 of MBA TV is here.

Employment opportunities are always high-up the list of an MBA student’s priorities, but in today’s ultra competitive jobs market they assume an even greater importance.

In this episode we speak to Diane Morgan, Director of Career Services, and ask her about the School’s approach to meeting the challenges presented by the current global economic slowdown and how this will benefit students and alumni.

Find out more about our Career Services team here

If you are interested in recruiting from London Business School, find out more here

Follow the MBA admissions team on Twitter

Posted by Adcoms on 05 May 2009

For those of you who are on Twitter and want to stay on top of all the latest happenings throughout the admissions year you can follow us at twitter.com/LondonMBA. When we’re not busy meeting applicants from around the globe, reviewing applications or getting ready for this years class we’ll be tweeting about it. 

Don’t forget...

If you have any questions about the MBA or London Business School in general, our friendly information office is always available to help. Contact them by emailing mbainfo@london.edu or by calling +44 (0)20 7000 7500. And if you’re in London, you can drop in and see one of our Admissions Officers on Monday and Friday afternoons.

The MBA Programme Office