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Inside the classroom - 3 / 3

Posted by Sanjeev on 30 July 2010

In my earlier posts you have read about my study group and heard about the exploits of some of my stream mates on the cricket field. In my final blog piece on this subject i.e. “Inside the Classroom” i want to introduce you to everyone else in my stream (i.e. Stream A)

Beyond just the effort on my part, it would be uninteresting for you to hear me rant about 80 students. Thus I am making a humble attempt in classifying my stream mates into 4 groups – Brainiacs, Stalwarts, Socialites and In-betweeners. 

  •  BrainiacsRightfully as the name suggests these are the intellectual wizards who advance classroom discussion with their thought-provoking and insightful contributions. Some of them volunteer their time and expertise in conducting tutorials (on quantitative subjects such as Economics, Finance and Accounting) while the others conduct career panels and interview prep. Sessions.

           Key traits – humble, self-less and intellectual

  • Stalwarts - If Braniancs are the mavericks inside the classroom then Stalwarts are the mavericks outside it. This bunch craves competitions (rowing, soccer, consulting case-study, marketing strategy etc.). Their accomplishments exemplify the diversity of talent at London Business School.

           Key traits – passionate, action-oriented and winners

  • Socialites –  They plug the gaps in a student's life at B-School. After all there is more to B-school life than countless cases and incessant job-search. Give them an excuse to party or plan an escapade out of London and they will be your bosom buddies :) The social crew in my stream are debonair party planners - birthday's, stream socials aka dinners/BBQs, weekend trips to Italy, France, Holland etc., you name it and they will make it happen!

           Key traits – outspoken, gregarious and humorous                                                                     

  • In-betweeners - Indeed this is a quirky bunch - late to class if not absent from class :) It's hard to typecast these people as their moods and behaviors oscillate across the continuum between Braniacs and Socialites. They show flashes of brilliance across the board and are driven more by challenging the norm than following the herd.

           Key traits – unconventional, idiosyncratic and witty

Winners of the "Study Group Love" Awards (Stream A) - Thanks to the Stream A Social crew!

Seb, Tat, Stas, Balazs (Jeff and I are on the certificate :))


Congratulations MBA2010!

Posted by Adcoms on 09 July 2010

London Business School is celebrating the graduation of the Full-time MBA class today. Students are joined on campus by friends and family from all over the world to reflect on their achievements from the last 15-21 months

Staff and faculty are proud to celebrate the success of our community. We wish you all the very best in your careers, as they take you all over the world. 

For a taste of today’s celebration watch MBA TV