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Inside the classroom - 2 / 3

Posted by Sanjeev on 09 May 2010

This may sound paradoxical but in this blog entry i am going to take a setup outside the classroom to shed some light on "Inside the Classroom" experience.

This weekend members of the London Business School Cricket Club organized an inter-stream cricket tournament at Regent's Park. The event drew 8 teams - one from each of the 5 streams from the MBA 2011 class, 1 team from the MiM 2010 class and 2 from the MBA 2010 class. The format of the game was tweaked to accommodate a rare occasion when so many people could get together willingly of course, to 8-a-side in a 7 over game.

The day long knock-out tournament culminated in the finale played between Stream A (technically the 2011 inter-stream champions) and an assorted 2010 team of seniors.The picture below captures the camaraderie and spirit of the runners-up team from Stream A.

Front Row (Left to Right):

  • William - Wicket-keeper extraordinaire!
  • Barry - Ice-cool, ideal for pressure situations
  • Karhik - Buoyant and adaptive
  • Rajesh - Spin linchpin of our team
  • Varun - Captain & MVP (match-winner)
  • Sid - Economy bowler who milks wickets
  • Shankar - Precision pacer

Back Row (Left to Right):

  • Sebastian - All-rounder & MVP (match-winner)
  • Rafael - Mexican fieldsman
  • Sanjeev - the guy who takes the hits (literally) while his peers hit the ball
  • Maxime (hidden from view) - Canadian discovery & MVP  (a lusty hitter and cheetah like fieldsman)
  • Andrew - Dependable like Dravid

Squat Position:

  • Hajime - Terrific fielder and perhaps the first Japanese with a 100% score rate in MBA cricket!
PS: The views reflected above are entirely my own and in no way are intended to judge my honorable stream-mates each of whom i am pretty sure would think is worthy of an MVP rating, at least on the cricket field :)


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