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Inside the classroom - 1 / 3

Posted by Sanjeev on 15 April 2010

First of all thank you everyone for the terrific response to my 3 part series on why i chose London Business School.

From here on i will be kick starting a new series of posts to share insights from my class room experience at London Business School. Bear in mind though that this series is more about my classmates than me and the answer to that will become apparent in due course of time :)

For the first year, the entire MBA cohort is divided into 4 to 5 streams and each stream is divided into study groups of 6 - 7 students. At least for all the core courses in the first year everyone works in their pre-assigned study groups and follows the stream specific lecture schedule. Nothing in my view is more reflective of the class room experience at London Business School than its DIVERSITY!

Below are some raw statistics representing DIVERSITY in my study group of 6

  • 6 nationalities (across north america, europe and asia)
  • 6 professional backgrounds (across consulting, investment banking, software and retail)
  • 3 academic backgrounds (across economics, engineering and computer science)
  • 83.3% males, 17.7% females (in absolute terms 5:1, remember % are generally misleading :)) 

Let me further elucidate the diversity of my study group mates with the following 1-liners 

  • Anastasis - debonair gentleman and leader
  • Balazs - rare blend of IQ and EQ
  • Jeff - whiz kid on track to emulate Buffet
  • Sebastian - entrepreneur who could very well be the next Vijay Mallaya
  • Tatiana - fashion starlet with a gift for congeniality
Stay tuned for the next post in which i will share more such interesting people from my stream.


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