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CNN broadcast of British leadership debate

Posted by Adcoms on 30 April 2010

Last night, CNN broadcast live from London Business School, to get the views of our students on the third Prime Ministerial debate, focussed on the economy. 

For those of you who were unable to watch the live coverage last night, catch the CNN report at http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/world/2010/04/29/ctw.foster.biz.students.reax.cnn?iref=allsearch 

CNN broadcasting from campus tonight

Posted by Adcoms on 29 April 2010

As part of the current series of Prime Ministerial debates taking place on British television, international broadcaster CNN will be broadcasting live from London Business School on Thursday 29 April to get the views of our students on the leaders, the issues and the forthcoming General Election as they watch the debate unfold.

It will be broadcast across the world, so tune in if you can! If you are watching in the UK, it starts at 19.30 BST.

Broadcast timings for other regions:
PT:   12.30 (Thursday)
ET:   15.30 (Thursday)
BST:  19.30 (Thursday)
CET:  21.30 (Thursday)
New Delhi: 01.00 (Friday)
Hong Kong: 03.30 (Friday)
Sydney:  06.30 (Friday)

Case Study: Running a business during the MBA

Posted by Alex on 26 April 2010

As we quickly approach the end of our first year at London Business School, I decided to ask a colleague student to reflect on the MBA experience from a very unique point of view - entrepreneurship. Unlike many other MBA students, Guy runs his own business alongside the demanding studies. He started an online business few months before joining the MBA programme called DocoArt, that enables customers worldwide to upload personal photos and have them converted to handmade oil paintings on canvas (or simply buy a stunning reproduction).

1. LBS is known for its strength in the finance education. Is it also a place for future entrepreneurs?

Finance education is indeed a very strong aspect of the school, yet to be ranked number one in the world requires diversity of strengths. The entrepreneurship resources at LBS are truly unique and provide an amazing springboard for entrepreneurs at any stage. For me, the access to world class faculty members, the supporting community of students, alumni network and investors are amazing resources to benefit and get inspired from.

Moreover, the financial education is extremely important especially for entrepreneurs that many times have great idea but fail to have the financial understanding of their businesses. My view on my small business has changed tremendously since I first stepped into the MBA programme.

2. Could you highlight some of the changes you did in your business as a result of insights from your studies?

Although I established DocoArt just before coming to London Business School, many changes have been done in by business based on the things I’ve learned in class. For example, I managed to improve the marketing strategy that we had using ideas I first encountered in the Marketing Core class, such as customer segmentation, targeting and positioning.

With new tools from the Corporate Finance classes, I can now plan proper leverage of future projects or the company as a whole.  Every class I have taken and every student, professor or alum I have spoken with enhanced my knowledge and business view on my venture or any future ventures I will have.

3. MBA course is usually very intense. How do you find time to work on your venture?

Time management is one of the most important ideas I have learnt and improved throughout the course. The MBA course is indeed intense, and thus forces you how to plan your time with great care. You learn how to be more structured, how to reduce ‘noise’ and how to focus on tasks with high priority – skills that are highly important for all post-MBA jobs.

4. Is being located in London helps you to promote your business?

Absolutely! The UK market is one of the main targets of DocoArt. London itself is an international business centre that provides you with access to financial, marketing and operational resources, along with networking and opportunities to enter new markets. The density of businesses from the creative industries in London is just another evidence for all these benefits.


5. Are there any specific electives that you are taking or about to take that can help entrepreneurs make better business decisions?

London Business School offers a range of electives for entrepreneurs that shed light on all aspects of starting and running a venture. I plan to take the Financing an Entrepreneurial Business and Managing a Growing Business electives. I believe these will contribute the most to the current state of DocoArt.

6. What would be your advice for prospective students who are interested in an MBA to become entrepreneurs?

Doing the MBA will increase significantly the chances of your future business to become a success. You will gain well rounded business knowledge, earn a great network of students, alumni and faculty to support you. Finally it will open your mind to explore new ideas and opportunities which were not available for you in the pre-MBA setting.

Some things it would have been good to have known

Posted by Steve on 26 April 2010

Coming to the end of Year 1, there's a few things that might have been useful to know

1. Nobody knows each others grades and people are not interested

2. Almost everybody lives right next to school

3. You will spend a large percentage of your cash in the Windsor Pub

4. People will not leave NW1 that often

5. The football team is a good way to learn Spanish as it has so many latin americans

6. There are so many clubs to join you can really only have any meaningful impact in a couple

7. You really do have to sit in the same seat ever class

8. They really do give you free beer and wine every Thursday night

9. Some of the speakers on campus are amazing

10. Inter-business school competitions are as brilliant as they are unpublicised, definitely enter them

11. Most faculty and lots of students have studied in the USA so despite being in London, examples in class will all be US cetric and you will start refering to the Easter Holidays as Spring Break

12. Although you won't have that many hours of class, you will always feel pretty busy

13. it's hard, but not impossible to fail classes

14. you should take every waiver available to you

15. It's impossible for there to be a concensus, some people will love a particular class/professor, while others will hate them - Diversity!

16. If applying for an HSBC loan, bring every piece of ID you have ever had with you, in triplicate

Inside the classroom - 1 / 3

Posted by Sanjeev on 15 April 2010

First of all thank you everyone for the terrific response to my 3 part series on why i chose London Business School.

From here on i will be kick starting a new series of posts to share insights from my class room experience at London Business School. Bear in mind though that this series is more about my classmates than me and the answer to that will become apparent in due course of time :)

For the first year, the entire MBA cohort is divided into 4 to 5 streams and each stream is divided into study groups of 6 - 7 students. At least for all the core courses in the first year everyone works in their pre-assigned study groups and follows the stream specific lecture schedule. Nothing in my view is more reflective of the class room experience at London Business School than its DIVERSITY!

Below are some raw statistics representing DIVERSITY in my study group of 6

  • 6 nationalities (across north america, europe and asia)
  • 6 professional backgrounds (across consulting, investment banking, software and retail)
  • 3 academic backgrounds (across economics, engineering and computer science)
  • 83.3% males, 17.7% females (in absolute terms 5:1, remember % are generally misleading :)) 

Let me further elucidate the diversity of my study group mates with the following 1-liners 

  • Anastasis - debonair gentleman and leader
  • Balazs - rare blend of IQ and EQ
  • Jeff - whiz kid on track to emulate Buffet
  • Sebastian - entrepreneur who could very well be the next Vijay Mallaya
  • Tatiana - fashion starlet with a gift for congeniality
Stay tuned for the next post in which i will share more such interesting people from my stream.