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Reward Time - Part 2

Posted by Luiz on 20 March 2010

Besides the professional objective of transitioning from industry into consulting, my other main objective coming to the MBA was on a personal side to have fun while learning on a diverse environment. I can say that this has been a phenomenal experience! The climax moment for this so far has been the Tattoo event: a worldwide festival for 1,200 people, organized by students for students. Each country/region is asked to serve traditional food and drinks from its country and to do a dance performance. I personally spent 3 hours with my fellow Brazilian colleagues preparing 600 doses of caipirinha to serve. As pictures can explain much better than words, here is a link to check out pics of the event.


Another highlight of this non-professional related experience that the MBA can offer is the country trips that students organize. For instance, there are 140 students going to Portugal in May. Yes, you read it right, 140! Imagine how generous are our Portuguese classmates to organize a trip for such a large group! Other trips that are organized by students are to: Japan, Lebanon, Spain, Israel, Thailand, USA, and SE Asia. The MBA journey is long and hard, but it is worth every second (professionally and personally)!


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