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Reward Time - Part 2

Posted by Luiz on 20 March 2010

Besides the professional objective of transitioning from industry into consulting, my other main objective coming to the MBA was on a personal side to have fun while learning on a diverse environment. I can say that this has been a phenomenal experience! The climax moment for this so far has been the Tattoo event: a worldwide festival for 1,200 people, organized by students for students. Each country/region is asked to serve traditional food and drinks from its country and to do a dance performance. I personally spent 3 hours with my fellow Brazilian colleagues preparing 600 doses of caipirinha to serve. As pictures can explain much better than words, here is a link to check out pics of the event.


Another highlight of this non-professional related experience that the MBA can offer is the country trips that students organize. For instance, there are 140 students going to Portugal in May. Yes, you read it right, 140! Imagine how generous are our Portuguese classmates to organize a trip for such a large group! Other trips that are organized by students are to: Japan, Lebanon, Spain, Israel, Thailand, USA, and SE Asia. The MBA journey is long and hard, but it is worth every second (professionally and personally)!

Reward Time

Posted by Luiz on 18 March 2010

Some of the greatest moments in life are the ones in which you reap the rewards of an objective you worked long and hard to achieve. My main goal of coming to the MBA was to transition from industry into consulting. And oh, I had a big surprise when I found out how early the recruiting process starts.

Applications for summer internship are due by mid-January. Since the summer internship is often a great way to secure your post-MBA job, it is important to do well on that process. This means that November and December should be used for networking, preparing CVs and cover letters, and preparing for interviews. Thus, by mid-October it is essential to have a good idea of where you want to work. You may be thinking: isn’t the MBA an opportunity to step aside, get exposed to new ideas and think about what I want to do? Well… while you can take the time off to think without pressure, the earlier you focus your efforts on your desired field the higher your chances of succeeding (my recommendation for you that are applying to b-school is to use your career goals essay not only to convince Adcom but also to make serious reflection of what are your goals, as these will soon need to be very clear). Prioritizing consulting in the job search process was not easy for me - I have always been interested in trying new and different things and at LBS I was presented with many opportunities such as private equity panels, marketing presentations and industry club events.

The MBA journey has been long: taking the GMAT, writing essays, being accepted, financing the MBA, relocating to a new country, studying to achieve good grades, preparing for job interviews and doing job applications. There were difficult times in which I thought: “Why am I doing this? Is it all worth?” Encouragement from friends and family helped me overcome these weak times and it all paid off last week when I received an offer to join a top consulting firm for the summer. Thus, the moment of signing the contract for the summer internship had a very special meaning for me, one that I will not forget easily. And if you, dear applicant, are in one of those weak moments: yes, the journey is long and hard, but it is well worth!

NYC Media Trek

Posted by Kimmi on 12 March 2010

The Media club at LBS is hands down the best run club on campus.  I know that's quite a contention but I do think it deserves the praise.  I just returned from the first-ever LBS Media Trek to NYC. In a span of two days, 13 students from the MBA class of 2010 and 2011 (as well as some on exchange in NYC) met with 7 companies representing various aspects of the Media realm.  We met with companies such as Google, Time Warner, Meredith Publishing, Limewire, MTV Networks, and Digital Broadcasting Group to name a few.  Because of the small group size we got to spend quality time with executives at each company learning about their business, challenges, and opportunities. Moreover, since the trek was on a Thursday and Friday, we even got to enjoy a rather sunny weekend in NYC! 

If there's one piece of advice I'd dole out to future students - its find out what clubs you are passionate about and become active in them - it's truly one of the more rewarding aspects of the MBA!  And, if the club doesn't exist, you can always be the first to start it.  Now I'm looking forward to organizing the Entrepreneurship Club Conference coming up in May...which I suspect will be another high note of my first year MBA experience!

Time to travel around - Birmingham

Posted by Pak on 10 March 2010

It has been months since I have written my last blog. Many things have happened and the full time recruitment last year was just mind-blowing. Now come the time to enjoy the last 2 terms in LBS before heading back to the working world. I plan to do A LOT of travelling and to write about my thoughts about the 2 year MBA experience in LBS (namely what I learn, I like, I do, I dislike and feel disappointed about).

To start with, just a short write-up for my recent trip to Birmingham. In the contrary of the general sentiment towards Birmingham (i.e. nothing to see, no fun place to go etc), I find the town is a pretty cool place to spend 1 or 2 days in.

The real gem there is the Jaguar manufacturing plant visit. The plant is about 30min bus journey from Birmingham city centre. The plant visit is a guided tour in a small group (4 people in a group for my case) and it lasts for about 3 hours...and is free. You just need to call and make an appointment with them for the visit.

The Jaguar guide is a veteran engineer in the plant. He retired 5 years ago and now come back to what he calls the most ideal job for him - work 2 days a week and explain to people what he knows the most, i.e. how a Jaguar car is built. The tour starts with the various components that go into a Jaguar car, to the assembling and the final testing. Logic of a certain design is explained and you get to see real workers working in the plant. The plant is huge, tidy and busy with production. Compared to the OTM field trip that I did last year, this plant visit allows me to learn much more.  In fact the Jaguar guide is so much more knowledgeable about every single part in the plant.

Next I went to the World of Cadbury. This place is a great disappointment, even though everyone in Birmingham will suggest you to go there. I will not advise one to go there unless you have young kids that you would want to bring along.

There a few churches in the town, a good number of shopping malls and a IMAX cinema where I watched a 3D movie.

My next post will be on my thoughts about the LBS MBA in general.