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McLaren Formula One team at LBS

Posted by Luiz on 26 February 2010

Business schools are known for hosting panels with famous speakers to discuss current business and economic issues. It has not been different at LBS. We recently had two great events on campus: the Private Equity conference (http://foliostop.com/pec) and the Marketing Fast Moving Consumer Goods summit (http://www.londonfmcgsummit.com). Just to name a few, other speakers that we had on campus that I enjoyed seeing were George Soros and Jim O’Neill (head of research at Goldman Sachs and who coined the term BRIC).

But I had been warned that at LBS I should expect the unexpected. So it was to my delight that this week we had the McLaren Formula One team on campus! One of our 2011 classmates worked for a Formula One team and was able to bring to campus this unique event. They talked about their business model, brand management, competitors (by the way, they admitted that Ferrari is a stronger brand), and how to manage having two world champion drivers on the same team. The only bad part of the day is that I failed at naming all McLaren world champions at an initial quiz so I didn’t win the Lewis Hamilton cap signed by him!


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