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About LBS international spirit

Posted by Luiz on 19 January 2010

London Business School is recognized as a global school with many international students and faculty. But what’s so special about it? After all, there are other b-schools that have students from over 60 countries and that speak x number of languages. From my experience, what sets apart LBS’s international spirit is:

  • Since there is no major nationality, the mixing among students is very high.
  • Many students have spent a significant amount of time outside their home countries. For instance, on my study group six out of seven people have spent more than two years outside of his or her home country after their undergrad degree. Many even grew up on one country, went to University in another and developed their professional lives on a third country. This reflects on mature students that have a global perspective on business.
  • Students are proud of their culture and like to share that with colleagues. For instance, when the snow club organized a ski trip to Austria in December of last year, a Swiss classmate drove from Switzerland to bring fresh Swiss cheese and pots to cook traditional Swiss fondue for 30 of us; another colleague drove from Munich and brought us specialty local beer that is only sold on his home town of Munich. That is not to mention the now famous yearly spring break trips to: Japan organized by the Japan club, Africa organized by the Africa club, and to Thailand organized by the Sailing club. On top of that, there are country-themed parties during the year: Spanish fiesta (Spanish club), Diwalli party (Indian club), Latin American party (Latin American club), Beaujolais party (French club) and Carnival party (Brazil Club) to name a few. And finally, the mother of all country-themed parties: Tattoo, in which each country presents some of its food, drink, music, dance and other entertainments.

All that makes me feel privileged to be part of such a diverse and international group.


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