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Second stage application deadline for Full-time MBA beginning in August 2010

Posted by Adcoms on 22 December 2009

If you are considering applying for the autumn 2010 intake, the Stage 2 application deadline is Wednesday 6 January 2010 at 17.00 (UK time).  Please give yourself plenty of time to submit your application and try not to leave it to the last minute. In the hour or so before the deadline the server is extremely busy. Stage 2 candidates will receive notification of whether they have been selected for interview via email on 09 February, and Stage 2 interviewed candidates will receive their final admission decision on 25 March.

If you experience any difficulties in submitting your application please follow the Help links within the online application form, or contact our Admissions Office directly at apply.mba@london.edu or telephone  +44 (0)20 7000 7525         

Winter closure dates

Please note the MBA Admissions Office will be closed from 17.00 on Tuesday 23 December until 09.00 on Monday 04 January. 

Common applications questions

Q. Do you require original copies of my transcripts?

Yes, but not yet. We only require copies of your academic transcripts at this application stage. If these documents are not in English then you should provide a translation. If you are extended an offer we will require an official paper transcript and a certified or notarised English translation if not in English. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to retract an offer of admission already made if there is any discrepancy between the transcript copy and the original.

We do not require transcripts for courses that did not contribute to a degree.

We prefer applicants to submit transcripts online. Full instructions can be found within the application form. 

Q. Can you confirm receipt of my GMAT/English test score or other supplementary information?

Please do not contact the Admissions Office for confirmation that your references, university transcripts, GMAT or English test scores have arrived.  We receive hundreds if not thousands of items of post during the run up to the application deadline and to confirm the receipt of these would dramatically slow the admission and reviewing process for all candidates. Once all of the information has been opened and collated, should an application be missing any documents the candidate will be contacted by the Admissions team. 

If you are curious as to the status of your references, this can be checked by logging into your online application account and viewing the Referee Status.

Q. My references / transcripts have been delayed and will not arrive until after the deadline. Will you still accept my application in this stage?

If you submit your application by the Stage 2 deadline, we will accept supplementary materials that arrive during the week following this deadline.  If an item is delayed by more than 1 week your application may be moved into the following Stage so that it can be reviewed with using the full information, but you will be contacted beforehand if this is the case. If you do not hear from the Admissions team you should assume that your application is proceeding in Stage 2.

Wishing you a happy 2010 and the best of luck for your application. 


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