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Why I chose London Business School – 3/3

Posted by Sanjeev on 06 October 2009

Honestly I haven’t been more conscious of my financial health until some rudimentary arithmetic allowed me to visualize the impact of pursuing MBA studies on my balance sheet (at least for the duration of the course). The location and duration of your MBA programme (actually prestige of the school too; please don’t label me narcissistic or pretentious for saying so) will have a bearing on the financial squeeze you will face. This is an unavoidable eventuality or should I say a necessary evil (but wasn’t the greed for money the root of all Evil!). The weak dollar and pound in a global economic melt-down did work in my favour!

Leaving aside the financial matters, for me an MBA is a significant social investment too and that brings me to the final dimension governing my choice of business school. By now I had settled for 2 schools from the original list of 8. By virtue of its location, studying in London was a big draw due to proximity (in terms of ease and cost of accessibility) to places of travel in UK and Europe. I had travelled to some place in Europe for work and was enamoured by its old-world charm and history that I found was diminishing in the rapidly modernizing Asian economies. Such diversity was hard to find in North America either.

London Business School is at the heart of cosmopolitan London and offers a vibrant and bustling social life.  Additionally, London Business School offers a plethora of student clubs to hone one’s professional skills and nurture one’s sporting/artistic talents. It may seem like blowing one’s trumpet but check out The Sundowners Club to discover for your-self another unique facet of social life at London Business School.

I knew for the above reasons (please see the previous posts on this topic as well), when I was offered a place on the programme, that I had to look no further.


Dear Sanjeev,
Great posts. I could not agree with you more.
My name is Ramón Salinas, I come from Chile, and I am applying for this fall's MBA. Although I applied in third round I am confident that my application is strong enough for being accepted. I have done everything I was supposed to do: GMAT, IELTS, Transcrips, Letters, Essays, etc. I even got a support letter froms a former classmate and friend. I was interviewed by an Alumni in Chile, and it went great, it lasted more than two hours of a very stimulating conversation.
Now I find myself in the position where I have to wait for an answer and I really want to know what else could I do. Do you have any advice?
Best regards.


Seems like you aced the interview and the fact it lasted as long as you say it did should mean a positive outcome.

You have done your bit with the GMAT, application essays and the interview. Now all you can do is wait to hear back from the adcomm on the stipulated release date for results.

I know it's painful waiting but honestly that's an unavoidable and undesirable part of any selection process.

Wish you all the best!

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