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Clubs kick-off

Posted by Samuel on 09 October 2009

For the last few weeks, we had a wide range of clubs kick-off events held on campus. The diversity of the students clubs is truly amazing. Think about something, anything! I’m sure that there is a club already there to satisfy your wildest interests. From the Africa club to the salsa club, from the consulting club to the finance club, from the Iceland alumni club to the wine and cheese club...

I attended several kick-off events, but there’s one in particular that I didn’t want to miss: the entrepreneurship club kick-off.

For this year's kick-off, the club had done a great job: they successfully invited Tony and Maureen Wheeler for a Q&A session. For those who (still?) don’t know them, Tony and Maureen Wheeler are the founders of Lonely Planet Publications. Tony is an alum of London Business School (MSC05) and together with his wife Maureen they created the highly successful Lonely Planet travel guides.  They met on a bench in Regent's Park and in 1972 then went travelling overland across Europe and Asia to Australia.  It is after this trip that they created a travel guide and sold it to bookshops to add to their 27 cents and camera they had when they first arrived in Australia.  The book sold out within one week and was followed by a second guide that was equally successful.  That was the birth of their world famous guides and the rest, as they say, is history.

It‘s great to have the chance to get some insights from such successful entrepreneurs. They managed to turn their initial idea into a company currently publishing more than 500 different titles. Still, they managed to keep their initial passion and enthusiasm alive after all those years. What’s their secret?!


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