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A (typical?) day at LBS

Posted by Samuel on 22 September 2009

7.00 am: The alarm clock goes off. Gee, that’s tooooo early... Trying to figure out how to switch off this bloody alarm clock...

7.45 am: After engulfing a bowl of cereals and a bagel, I head to LBS. I cannot get used to start my day at 8.15!

8.16 am: I rushed into the classroom... Today is the first day of our GLAM (Global Leadership Assessment for Managers) class. We’re going to have the results of our 360 evaluation that we had to complete before entering the program. We also had to take a personality quiz to help us to understand ourselves better. I remembered that it had some very odd question such as: would you like to go on a trip to Las Vegas? I’m very curious about the results of all these tests.

9.45 am: I discovered the results of my 360 assessment. Question: Do I really had friends in my previous workplace?! Our professor (Randall S. Peterson, amazingly brilliant and entertaining) described, in a hilarious speech, some students’ reasons for rejecting their 360 degree feedback. I really like this one: ‘I’ve used to be that way, but I’ve changed recently!’

11.15 am: Election of the stream reps. We had in total 17 people running for the different positions of academic, career and social reps. They had to do a 2 minute presentation in front of the class about why they should be elected. The future winners will act as an intermediary between the faculty, the Career Service and the student population. They will also be in charge of proposing and organizing social activities to insufflate good spirit and camaraderie within the stream.

12.00 pm: Registration for the kick-off event of the Entrepreneurship club next week. For this year's kick-off event, Tony and Maureen Wheeler, founders of Lonely Planet Publications (and previous LBS alumni) will give a speech!

12.15 pm: Lunch... Just enough time to grab a sandwich and a fruit...

12.45 pm: Back to the classroom: some tips on how to work efficiently in groups.

3.30 pm: Networking activities: I was contacted through portal by a MIF (master in Finance) student who wanted to have some information on SAP. In exchange, he’ll introduce me to a previous management consultant in his class. I really want to get some advice on how best to prepare for the “infamous” case interviews.

3.45 pm: Last review of our Business Statistics group assignment. It’s due at 5 pm but we have a last minute problem: for some unknown reasons, Word does not want to print the graphics we spent hours to design! Arrgh…

5.02 pm: Done! Paper finally handed out to the teacher assistant!

5.20 pm: Beer at the Windsor (a pub just next to the school) to celebrate the end of our first group assignment.

6.00 pm: Work in the lab on the other business stats assignment: this one is to be done individually… Damn, I though it was over!

7.15 pm: Head home.

7.30 pm: Read all the e-mails issued during the day… More than 45 messages to sort out and answer.

9.00 pm: I’m starving…

10.00 pm: Have to read materials for the ethics class tomorrow. There is one interesting story about the HP scandal over illegal corporate spying.

11.00 pm: Some more e-mails to go through.

11.45 pm: I am up to get a good night’s sleep!


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