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5 Weeks in...

Posted by Steve on 30 September 2009

It's funny, at Admits Weeken in early June when the current students told me they went out more and drank more at LBS that they did during their Undergrad degrees, I smiled politely but inwardly worried about how much fun they had at their other Universities.  I have to say one month in and I stand corrected.  One of the best things about School so far is everyone's willingness to get together, to get to know each other and to make everyone feel welcome. Yes we are a diverse group, yes we are from different industries, countries and are of all ages but the one thing we have in common is the desire to meet new people. 

Last night on my way to the gym I bumped into a Canadian engineer who suggested we pop to the Windsor for a quick pint....we were joined by a Thai diplomat and a French industrialist and we spent the next six hours drinking beers from Ireland, Germany and Italy....I didn't make it to the gym.

That aside we have done so many things from public speaking classes to CV workshops to networking drinks at the offices of one of the world's top tier banks that it's easy to forget about classes....but every time my alarm goes off at 6am I remember very quickly...


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