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Top 10 Things...

Posted by Jann on 17 August 2009

A year and five days ago, I arrived at London and set foot, for the very first time, on London Business School's campus to get my welcome pack from the MBA Programme Office. My appearance that day was also immortalized on the School's database through what we call the Portal photo (They said there's no way of changing that photo, but let's see after n years).  The same photo is on my ID card so I'm constantly reminded of that fine day. It's not the best photo but it certainly also not the worst. So, it's all good!

Why am suddenly being all sentimental?  Maybe because the MBA Class of 2011, has now started to arrive in London and in a week will start their wonderful journey called First Year!  Of course, most (shouldn't it be ALL?) of the people are here to learn, but sometimes we also need a break from the hectic schedules and demanding core classes.  A fellow MBA 2010 of mine, came up with a list that I thought was a good one to share to prospective students or even first years reading this blog. 

The list is composed of things to do outside the classroom setting to ensure that your MBA experience will be as balanced as possible.  It's also a great way to get to know your fellow-MBAs and take advantage of this beautiful city.

I now present you with the list...(ala David Letterman)

Top 10 Things To Do Outside the Lecture Theatre (in your first term)

10. Explore London
9. Travel to nearby cities 
8. Find a flatmate at the Flathunters Pub Crawl
7. Organise a flatwarming
6. Get to know your classmates (through Stream events)
5. Attend (birthday) parties
4. Unwind at Sundowners after a stressful week
3. Learn about other cultures and share your own at Tattoo
2. Find out just how (strange) interesting your classmates are at Halloween
1. Paint London red at the Santa Claus Pub Crawl

Take note, this is only for the Autumn term (first term).  It goes to show that there really is a lot of activities that can be done in School and outside which would make your first year enjoyable and memorable.

Now, I'm off to make my own list for 2nd year Autumn term.  I'm thinking it will be a Top 20!


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