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Posted by Don on 10 July 2009

I will be posting some random bits and pieces going forward - there are a lot of small things that come into my mind these days ...
So one thing is that entrepreneurship cannot really be taught in a classroom. Fine, there are frameworks and pitfalls which make reading cases and discussing them useful. But by and large this is a field where people need to get their hands dirty. But I also learned over the last two years that entrepreneurship is not as unachievable as I once thought, although I am going to a big bank after the MBA ;-)

Setting up a business does not necessarily involve giving up your full time job, raising lots of money from a VC and living on a shoe string budget for the next 5 years. A number of people in the MBA have set up very nice ‘lifestyle businesses’. One friend of mine, for example, set up a number of free gaming sites on footbal games, car games and tower defence games. It sounds crazy but that paid for his entire MBA. Have a look for yourself - this is hardly rocket science once you master the basic technical skills (I repeat - paid for his MBA...)

Studying with these entrepreneurial people was very inspirational, and for me that is what the MBA was all about: working with different people, learning from them, being inspired by them, becoming friends and having a lot of fun ;-)

Take care, wherever you are,



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