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Sailing Trip to Thailand

Posted by Don on 27 June 2009

Hi all,

The past weeks were slightly hectic but I wanted to relate to a couple of things that happened in the past 3 months.

At the end of March I had three quite tough exams marking the end of the spring term. Straight out of Lecture Theatre 3 we went to the Windsor for a hard-earned pint, after which I jumped into a cab, went to Paddington and off to Heathrow. A friend from the rugby team and his girlfriend were also on the flight so we celebrated the end of term again at Heathrow (nothing better than a couple of pints after exams!). 12 hours later I was in a totally different world – but I have spent so much time in Thailand I consider it my second home.

I spent 4 very relaxing days in Bangkok in very lush surroundings. Then I met up with 30 people form the MBA – mostly first-year students. We met in Phuket and transferred to the boats. In total we were 3 boats – 2 catamarans and 1 monohull. There was another boat with people from the class but they sailed a bit more independently throughout the week. After stocking up on food and – important – booze, we got organized and got ready to leave. Two boats had skippers from our class while the 3rd one had a Thai skipper. We left the marina in Phuket and before nightfall reached our first anchoring. It was fantastic – anchoring between two limestone islands, food from the grill and chillout music. As the weather held I spent the night on deck – as I did all of the nights. That was very relaxing – a day of sailing and sleeping under the stars at night.

The following days we spent sailing north to see the famous James Bond island and then south, taking on new supplies and water in Krabi. We also had as much fun as possible – spraying other boats with water or stealing the LBS flags at night included. We continued south and spent 2 days on Phi Phi island where I organized some scuba diving for one day. It was nice teaching diving again for a little bit and certainly was great to see reef and fish again.

We had a really good group on the boat and got along really well. There was a lot of fun and laughter but also good conversations – during the day, during food preparation, doing dinners or over a beer at sunset. This trip was a great team bonding exercise – we got to know each other really well within the short time frame and made new friends.

Far too soon the trip was over and we had to leave. Most stayed a few more days in Thailand but I had different plans (report to follow). But a few weeks later we had a reunion party in London and it was great to see everyone again and party once more.


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