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Posted by Joyce on 08 May 2009

So I know everyone is excited about our MBA being ranked number 1 in the world right now, and it goes without saying that I’m as delighted as ever.

Another recently published ranking—but perhaps not one most business students would find relevant—is Esquire Magazine’s World’s Best Dressed Man. Barack Obama… Roger Federer… wait!  Is that my boss on the list with them?!

Lo and behold, there he was, and I absolutely couldn’t believe it. Ever since I began working with him last fall to launch his fashion line, I have been constantly amazed by his ability to generate publicity and media attention. In fact, there is a BBC documentary to look forward to in a few months—we’ve had camera crews following our progress as a new business. (Hopefully any footage of me stammering on camera won’t make the final cut.

All in all, it’s been exactly the kind of entrepreneurial project I was hoping for. During off-days between classes, I head over to our “office” on the other side of Regent’s Park to delve into the business of fashion. As glossy and preened as finished projects look on magazine pages, the reality is that we huddle around laptops on the kitchen table, hold design councils in the living room and contrary to what certain FedEX commercials will tell you, it isn’t beneath this MBA student to work the mailroom when the situation calls.

I was originally attracted to entrepreneurship because of the task variety. Now, I find myself enjoying it because it is a daily test of the limits of my resourcefulness. Maybe I should have signed up for consulting estimation practice cases—you know, the ones where they ask you to guess how many ping-pong balls it would take to fill Wembley Stadium. The other day, I found myself staring at a storage room full of fabric and having to quickly estimate the value of our inventory. And maybe I should have also spent more time at they gym, because yesterday I let my humble ankle be part of a photoshoot for women’s legwarmers!

Between all the readings, assignments and case studies, it’s easy to slip into a mindset where the cranium dominates. But spreadsheets, formulas, and strategies on paper eventually require someone to DO something about them before they add any value, and at least for me, the entrepreneurial route has helped me connect better with the “doing” aspect.

(As a side pitch, for those of you who enjoy volunteering, The LBS Volunteering Committee organizes many non-cranial events to help you do more doing!)


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