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Watch, engage and debate on new business channel

Posted by Adcoms on 14 April 2009

London Business School, Google and Telegraph.co.uk have formed a partnership to provide unique bite-sized insights from some of the UK’s leading organisations via a new YouTube channel called Survival of The Fastest.

Survival of The Fastest has been designed as an online thought leadership community for business leaders, offering credible insights into management areas ranging from finance and marketing to e-Commerce.

As the academic partner, London Business School has made available a number of its world-class faculty who have each provided concise video contributions discussing different ways of ‘speeding up’ in the slowdown. For example;

• How can medium to large businesses remain nimble and maintain competitive advantage in a downturn?
• Should marketers focus on gaining share in today’s climate?
• What is the value of online strategy?

Visit the Survival of the Fastest community at http://youtube.com/survivalofthefastest


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