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Posted by Krish on 19 April 2009

It never fails to happen. Every single time I walk on St.John's Wood Road, be it the middle of the night or in the morning, I feel goosebumps. Even though I've spent the last decade living outside India, Cricket holds a special place in my heart. I was too young to remember live images of Kapil Dev lifting the World Cup from the pavilion balcony in Lord's, but the video is etched in memory of most Indian cricket fans. That win, as heavy underdogs against the much favored West Indian team going for a three-peat, catapulted Indian cricket and laid the foundation for the subcontinent becoming the emotional home of the sport.

One of the special privileges of being a student at London Business School, is access to the facilities at Lord's. As a member of the Squash club, I get to walk into the Lord's complex and play, not 30 yards away from the members pavilion. Of course, the "idiosyncrasy" of English tradition apply here as well -- one has to only be dressed in whites :-) I for one find quite like it and find it very nice actually, especially coming here from the United States, where as long as you had clothes on you were good to go -- for most things.

I hope St.John's Wood Road never stops to make me feel the way I do. It is certainly one of those really small things that make living and studying in this part of the world so wonderful.


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