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Internet marketing

Posted by Don on 19 February 2009

Hi all,
IM is quickly becoming my favorite course this term (despite my focus on finance!). We usually have a guest speaker for half the time, including people from BBC, Facebook, Apple, Sky, Google and more. These deliver very insightful and useful content with a lot of takeaways. In the second half we discuss, based on the chapter in a book which we need to prepare, a wide range of topics from general aspects of how the internet works, how blogs, feeders and aggregators work to topics like online pricing, strategies for Google adwords bidding and more.
The most interesting part is the application though: in a group of 5 we had to contact and convince a small company which does not yet use adwords to work with us. Together with the company we came up with a Pre-Strategy Report containing a company profile but also our approach on what area of the business we are targetting, which keywords we were looking at and how we were going to bid.
We are learning now that it is very much trial-and-error: after setting up the initial ads we have now added several variations of the same add to see which generates the most impressions on Google search as well as on content (i.e. partner) sites. Additionally you can see which keywords have been searched for and how your bidding strategy is working (are you bidding enough to get into the top 3 ads?) You can then concentrate on the most successful ads and keywords, meaning you aim to increase the click-through-rates, i.e. the ratio of people actually clicking on the ad.

All of this does not really mean much to you? No worries - I also had no idea beforehand. The course covers it pretty well and you get a $200 budget from Google to play around with. There are a ton of documents at google as well (search for Google adwords, keyword tool, traffic estimator) and there are a lot of books on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

And, once again, we are all learning from each others' experiences.

So a great class with a lot of tangible takeaways!

Take care,


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