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Good stuff

Posted by Don on 26 February 2009

I think I have previously commented on the high level of commitment of most professors here at LBS. I remember from the very first weeks how I would send emails to the finance professor (and also the accounting professor) and they would answer within hours - even on a Sunday!
This continues with very short turnaround times from the professors this term, namely in bond portfolio management and fixed income (both classes highly recommended! Provides the theoretical concepts and the practical application).
So today I tried to meet the professor for Fixed Income who is actually quite famous internationally. He had several people in his office already so I just sent him an email to ask whether he had time tomorrow. I suddenly got a call on my mobile (he actually looked up my phone number!) to apologize (!) and to tell me that he would not be here tomorrow and if I could come in now (which I of course did).
If you previously studied at a state-run uni in Germany (or any other country, for that matter) you will understand why such 'customer relationship management' and service mentality still impresses me deeply.

Today was a 'typical' 2nd year day: 7.15am rugby practice with added fitness training, a quick breakfast and a quick lie-down (what luxury - a nap at 10.30 :-). Then fixed income recap and doing a bit of organizing for the scuba diving club. Now we have sundowners (i.e. free drinks) and then a presentation by the founder of iglu.com, the skiing travel agency. And then the night starts ....

Enjoy life!


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