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MBA TV, Episode five

Posted by Adcoms on 28 January 2009

The latest episode of MBA TV is here. In this episode we feature some of the highlights of the annual Global Energy Summit hosted by the London Business School Energy Club. The Club has over 1200 active members who are interested in all aspects of the energy sector. Each year, the Club runs events for students, alumni, and members of the energy industry. These events include speaker sessions, career forums, site visits, social events, and the Energy Club’s flagship event, The Global Energy Summit.

The summit titled ‘Energising the future: Identifying Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges’, allowed energy leaders to engage in thought-provoking debate and provide their views on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. 

The summit included sessions on:

  • ‘Capitalising on the Future of Energy’ with a keynote from Jeremy Rifkin, Foundation of Economic trends,
  • ‘Capturing Value through Biofuels’, and
  • ‘The Changing Landscape of Oil and Gas.

MBA TV went along to speak with some of the Summit attendees.


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