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Blogger Rebecca shares her experience on study groups in the MBA

Posted by Adcoms on 22 January 2009

The MBA admissions team is often asked about the teaching and learning methods used during the MBA. At London Business School we use a variety of methods to equip students with the skills they need to become a successful business leader. When MBA students arrive at London Business School, they’re assigned to a study group of six or seven people from a diverse range of cultural and professional backgrounds. The study group will work together throughout the first year and achieve around 50 per cent of their first year grade together.

To give you an inside perspective on how study groups operate, we asked Rebecca, a regular MBA2010 blogger to share her experiences.

Q. Does the study group only work together when completing projects and assignments?

A. Most of our work together is for projects and assignments, but we also get together to
study for exams. Also, often in class we do break-out exercises or simulations which are usually organized by study groups.

Q. How often does the study group meet?

A. It really depends on the group. Our group meets once a week all together (there are 6 of us) for 30 minutes to organize ourselves – sort out which assignments are due, check in on the status of various projects and discuss whether we need to meet again later in the week (either as a whole group or in parts). Typically I will meet with one or two other members again for a couple of hours to work on an assignment or project. 

Q. Does each study group vote for a leader?

A. Again, each group is different. We assign a different leader each month. That person is responsible for booking a meeting room, setting the agenda, managing the discussion and emailing out notes or decisions afterwards. We also assign a leader and a 2nd in command for each course. They are responsible for staying on top of assignments for that course and bringing in the other members of the team to help out as necessary. They also organize study sessions for that course leading up to the exam. 

Q. How well do you think the study group model works?

A. Overall our study group works really well. We couldn’t be more different, and I admit I was worried at the beginning of the year because I wasn’t sure how we would all get along given our styles and personalities are so different. But we have a lot of respect for each other and we each bring a different and complementary strength to the team. Each of us is reliable – I know that if one of them says they will look after something it will get done to a high standard. This relieves a lot of stress and makes the whole learning experience a lot more enjoyable.


To find out more about study groups you can watch Meet Study Group D5 on our website video store.


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