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I’m the dummy!

Posted by Charlotte on 14 November 2008

My Sundays have never been quite like this before.  I’ve joined the women’s touch rugby club (that means no scrums and no full-on tackles) and for the past few weeks I’ve been out in Regent’s Park with a big bunch of girls doing drills and getting covered in mud.  It all seems relatively inexplicable but I’m most bemused by the exercise where one person charges directly towards the opposition with the ball whilst someone else runs right behind her yelling ‘I’m the dummy!’  It’s a lot of fun even if I’m not quite sure how it’s going to help us to win games yet…  The rugby team is brilliant though.  It’s one of the most fun and active clubs on campus and it’s been one of the best ways of meeting people from the year above.  They’ve all been very welcoming and they’re constantly giving us great advice for navigating our first year – insider information at last!

There have been several other occasions over the past few weeks where I’ve been gripped by an urge to yell ‘I’m the dummy’.  This term I’ve been plunged into a completely new and unfamiliar world of finance, accounting and economics, and finance is tough!  For those of us with non-quantitative backgrounds it’s a struggle since classes try to cater for all backgrounds and many have worked in finance before.  There are a lot of new concepts to absorb in little time but while it may be harder for us, I also think we’re the lucky ones.  A whole new world is opening up to me; it is fascinating to understand how to value a company or government bonds so ironically, finance is also my favourite subject.  It is amazing how reading the Financial Times today is a completely different experience to only just a few months ago.  And this is what I came to business school for – so I could understand what all these intelligent people are writing about!


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