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Young Enterprise Volunteer Day

Posted by Pak on 03 October 2008

Today I have taken part in the "Young Enterprise Company Programme" volunteer work organized jointly by the School and the Young Enterprise.

Young Enterprise is a business and enterprise education charity. It works with many schools in London to building a better-motivated and enterprising workforce, at the same time making a real difference to the existing lives and future potential of young people who live and attend school in their area.

My team consists of 3 people, Vivek, Chien Wen and me. Each school has some students who would like to start a business and to sell products. Our role was really to share with them from strategy and execution perspectives, how should they go about doing that. Each team was given around 2 hours to think about what we could share with the target school, based on some background information about the schools, students and their ideas. Then we made our ways to the assigned schools.

My team went to the Maria Fidelis Convent School. Waiting for us were 14 smart and motivated 16-17 years old teenagers (oh my...feel I am so OLD now). We had a very interactive session with them, have them speak up their ideas, shared with them perspectives on formulation of ideas, strategy, organisation structure and skill maps. We even provided them some templates for their subsequent planning and execution.

What surprised me the most was that they were able to come up with ideas on what companies need to consider when thinking of selling a new product (market size, marketing, pricing, costing, customer segments...etc). I think they just need guidance along the way to ensure they are on track and implement what they have thought about.

This is the first time I participated at such program and we would like to arrange with the school/ Young Enterprise to have regular sessions with the students so to follow through with their progress.

Though I have 6 deadlines on next Monday, spending my only free school day of the week is definitely worth it!


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