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Breathe... it's easier

Posted by Jann on 20 October 2008

I cannot believe that 2 months have passed since the first day of school.  And I cannot believe that the same amount of time has passed since I last posted in this blog. (Sorry, Graeme!) Even my co-bloggers are chasing me for my new entry. Well here it is...

So, after a very hectic Sept term, where I had the chance to meet my study group C1 (who by the way, rocks!) and sink my teeth into some Business Stats, which is quite bitter for my taste, I thought I had this MBA all figured out.  Until Autumn term welcomed itself into my life.  I was honestly overwhelmed by the tons of cases to read, problems sets to submit in tight deadlines, required and optional readings to ponder on, and events/workshops to attend. And then I realized that it might just be me panicking but if I stop, step back, and relax...it ain't that bad. It's actually fun! This was kind of like the time I was learning how to scuba dive.  I was so scared of the water and what it could do to me (I'm not exactly a water person) that I would often panic while underwater.  Then I would realize that I had a regulator on me, and I can actually breathe!  After making sure to always remember this, I started to enjoy watching the fish.

The MBA, I reckon, should be treated like an experience.  It's not out there to harm or maim the students through the sleepless nights and cold-calling phobia.  There's just so much to enjoy to let small hiccups get in the way. The things that we learn in the classroom like analyzing Madonna's career in Strategy, the valuable advise from '09s, the chance to participate in Club activities, and the events such as Tattoo, are just some of the things I think make this experience richer.

One thing worthwhile to remember is to breathe, take it all in, it will definitely make everything easier.


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