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Workshops, talks, lessons......

Posted by Pak on 21 September 2008

About 1 month into the MBA course, there are already plenty of workshops, career and club talks etc that filled up whatever free time-slots during the day that one has. Some are indeed very interesting, especially if one is clear about his/ her career goals.

For example, I just had a Business Communication workshop last Friday, which the School engaged an external professional firm to conduct for us. It was a 1 day workshop, from 9am-5pm. The ratio of trainer to students is 1:6, i.e. 1 trainer to a study group. I thought that was really good as a smaller group workshop allows each participant to practise more.

The workshop was really good. Each one of us gave a 2-3 minutes presentation, which was recorded by the trainer, and then the trainer analysed our presentation one by one, supported by techniques and principles for business communications. Then we prepared new presentations again with our areas of improvement in mind. I was able to put the recommendations into practice immediately and observed improvements immediately via the playback.

This workshop is especially useful for us, the 1st year MBA students, as we are going to have MANY presentations/ interviews in the coming future.

Now, the rest of the core courses are going to start in October. The timetable and assignment deadlines appear a bit daunting. But let's see how we will cope with that...


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