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Statistics...Party Time!

Posted by Kobby on 18 September 2008

DISCLAIMER: I spent a few days writing the following blog. Last night, I went to put it up, and discovered a pretty funny coincidence: my fellow blogger, Rebecca, had written on the exact topic I'd chosen and posted two days before; must be the water we're drinking here. Frankly, I found her piece more interesting than mine, but I figured 'What the heck. I spent the time to write this, I'll post it anyway.'

Before classes officially started this term, I hadn't sat in a classroom in over four years. So it was with a tentative eagerness that I approached the first days of class. This tentativeness only got worse when I picked up my class schedule for September term and realized that my first class in business school was going to be Business Statistics.

Now, I don't care what word you put in front of it, statistics is statistics; and all I know is that it completely kicked my butt all over undergrad - and I majored in Math. As if that wasn't bad enough, the course was broken out into five six-hour blocks. At this point, I might have been forgiven for presuming that with 30 hours of stats, September 2008 would not be one of my brightest spots. It was against this backdrop that I walked into my first MBA class, and into the domain of Catalina Stefanescu, Ph.D.

So it came as a bit of a surprise - albeit pleasant - as we delved deeper into the course, that I was hanging in there. By the end of the second class, I had a significantly deeper understanding of statistics than I ever had in three different undergraduate stats courses - no exaggerations here. I'm certainly not a pro yet; but it sure is great to understand what the heck you're doing when you're using a t-distribution to calculate the standard error of a sample of data. I'm sure a lot of this is because I've finally been able to connect hitherto disjointed concepts floating about my noggin. However, I also credit the faculty, whose direct application of theory to real business scenarios makes the subject more tasteful palatable and succeeds where others have failed in getting me to understand this material.

Thus far, I'm impressed with the general quality of teaching at London Business School. Sitting in lecture theatres here has been a meaningful experience. Not only have I learned the material, but I appreciate the benefit of learning by experiencing practical applications of theories. I'm thrilled to discover that so far, LBS is offering exactly the type of learning I want and need for myself.


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