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Re-emerging in to Society

Posted by Matthew on 03 September 2008

So, I effectively put my life on hold this summer as I had an investment banking internship at a small (and getting smaller daily) investment bank in New York. I did not have a career in finance before I arrived, so this was my first taste of banking. I learned many useful things this summer including:

1) How to dodge the media when exiting the building who want to ask questions about what it is like to be working at a bank that is going under. Cover your face with your hands and walk briskly. Nothing to see here!

2) How to make all analogies in your life pertain to banking. For example, I would never say (now) that I could see myself being interested in X girl for a long term relationship. Instead, I now say that I could go long on her, as opposed to going short which is bad, and ironically enough what many hedge funds did to my bank this summer.

3) How to sustain an average working week of 120 hours without caffeine or other supplements. Answer -- push ups in the office and protein shakes.

4) How a blackberry can be used as a status symbol and a magnet for attracting women, though often ones that I would go short on.

I also met many great people who did teach me a lot about valuations, M&A strategy, and office politics. Oddly, I think I really did like this summer. Never again will I have the opportunity to be in the eye of the storm of a major financial crisis, or at least I hope that I do not have to do that again. I know now that I want to be in finance, so I consider this summer a success...

Now I am preparing to head back to London. I am practicing my British accent again. It will be good to see all of my friends soon. I imagine that we might have beers.


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