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Pre-MBA socialising

Posted by Vipul on 06 September 2008

Just a quick note on the social activities I was involved in within the London Business School community before starting the term.

Early April 2008, I posted a note on the discussion forum inside the portal. The title was "Are you in the Southern Hemisphere?". I got many responses from people in South America. I was a little disappointed by the lack of responses from Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Anyway, the point is, I was traveling to South America and NZ in June and wanted to meet fellow admits. This way, I got in touch with a whole bunch of stellar people!

Late April 2008, Al Danks (an Alumnus) organized a dinner for the London MBA community in Melbourne. It was a great way to meet 2 of my fellow admits from Melbourne: Pranav and Richard, and at the same time socialize with the Alumni community.

Mid May 2008, At the recommendation of Al Danks, we (Pranav, Richard and I) went to a talk by Dr. Lynda Gratton (http://www.lyndagratton.com/) on her thought-provoking new book "Hotspots". The main idea is that organizations tend to have areas (or hotspots) where creativity blooms. Have a look at her website! Met many other Alumni and industry representatives there.

Early June 2008, Juan Antonio, Juan Pablo and Adolfo (All MBA 2010 students from Peru) bought me the best pisco sours in Lima! Then we went to a concert by a Peruvian fusion band. All-in-all it was an interesting, pisco filled night. Juan Antonio still insists on reminding me of how much I drank!

Late June 2008, Luis (MBA 2010 from Chile) picked me up from Santiago airport and drove me to his family house in Viña del Mar (not to be confused with Valparaiso!). I sampled Carménère - a very smooth wine produced largely in Chile (originally from France) and Abalone (called 'Loco' in Spanish) - an incredibly tasty sea snail which was, until recently, banned in Chile. Then we hit the casino and stumbled home at 4AM. Luis was nice enough to let me displace him from his room.

Next Day, Sebastian (another MBA 2010) met me in Santiago and gave me the grand tour of the city. We capped the evening with fantastic pizza and wine in Las Condes. Few days later, Sebastian took me to a trendy night spot, which served $5 martinis!!! Needless to say, I stumbled back to the hotel pretty late at night.

Just before the start of term, there was the Flat Hunters' Pub crawl! The funnest event this side of Rio! And it actually works - I found both my flatmates there. Check out the website: http://londonpubcrawl.blogspot.com/


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