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My new normality

Posted by Charlotte on 21 September 2008

I have now been at school for 3 weeks properly and already I have a whole new life which is in full swing. I know this because I’m currently surrounded by Stats books which say things such as scatter plots and correlation analysis and I’m getting it. Stats is a big thing for me. Many people have some knowledge but I’m in completely new territory – on Day 1 I learnt something which takes 2 seconds to do which could have saved me days in my old job using my homegrown Excel analysis techniques. Our month-long crash course in Business Statistics comes to an end this week but it hasn’t been all plain sailing. The major study group work so far has been in Stats and I have had to rely on my team a lot. It is a new experience for me to put my faith in the expertise of others but it is a great trust-building exercise.

The other side of my whole new life is the fact that all of a sudden I am an integral part of a big new community which is vibrant and lively and oh-so welcoming. I didn’t manage to visit London Business School before coming here so I had no idea that it was this close and I now consider myself extremely lucky for having picked this place.

The old cliché about starting school = nerve-wracking experience couldn’t be further from the truth if it tried. Every time I walk into the pub I see people I haven’t seen for the last day or two and it is like greeting long-lost friends. The only thing is that someone will then say “I am 95% Confident that I am going to drink tonight” and I will laugh! (And I see my old friends raising their eyebrows at the fact that I am now cracking Stats Jokes…)


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