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Posted by Krish on 25 September 2008

- a word we keep hearing everywhere these days. Innovation in management, innovation in energy, innovation in technology etc. etc. etc. However, I can't imagine our life without constant, positive change. It's one of those things that continues to make our lives better and more interesting each and every day.

Here at London Business School, we have a club for pretty much anything: finance, entrepreneurship, venture capital, consulting, private equity, sailing, golf, rugby and so on (phew!). A new addition, as profiled by Vipul a few weeks back, is the Innovation Club. Truth be said, it isn't really a formal club yet, but we did have our first introductory meeting today to discuss potential goals, vision and strategy. While I've stopped getting surprised at the International diversity at the school, the breadth of professional backgrounds still doesn't cease to amaze me -- we had students who had worked in Advertising, Technology, PE, Banking, Consulting and even a couple from the World Bank.

Ideas were shot left and right across the room and we arrived at a promising list of events and activities for the term and the club's immediate future. If you're at school and haven't joined the Innovation Club discussion group, you're certainly missing out on what promises to be an exciting organization. No one can deny the power of innovation and its place, right on top of every company's agenda as they try and navigate today's tough economic and environmental challenges.


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