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Are you ready for school?

Posted by Pak on 01 September 2008

Orientation week is finally over and we are marching towards an intensive month of lessons, clubs presentations, career sessions with the School's Career Services.

A better career is definitely one of the key motivation factors for many of us (or you) who have decided to take the MBA path. Though yet still early along the way, I have already seen the list of career sessions and talks that the School's Career Services has prepared for us. We even had some career related talks during the orientation week! I think my concern now is more on finding time to prepare myself to have a constructive discussion with the Career Services team, rather than not be given the supports and guidance that we need.

Anyhow, just like the many bloggers here have mentioned, the diversity I see in this MBA2010 class is really great. I have met and talked to people from UK (of course), Australia, Canada, Egypt, India, Lithuania, Bulgaria, USA, Italy, France, Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, my fellow China friends and many more.... Well, being from Hong Kong, it is really an unique experience for me to meet so many people with so diversified background at 1 place.


This is a picture taken at the Welcome Party at the end of the orientation week (Thanks for Tadahiro's photo).
Disclaimer: This is not some kind of Asia drinking club...and I don't think there is one in the School.


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