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A walk in London

Posted by Pak on 06 September 2008

After a week of school, we are ready to get some fresh air in London. A few of us (Martynas, Pavel, Shijie, Wilson and me) went to take a walk in London.

We went to the Millennium Footbridge, walked along the River Thames and areas nearby. After a long walk, we had some tea at a shop nearby (looking at the price they charged for the type of the Chinese tea made me to note down to bring loads of good Chinese tea leaves when I go to Asia next time).

Next we went to Leicester Square and planned to grab some food at the Covent Garden area. After walking around the Covent Garden, we ended up going back to Leicester Square (China town area). We decided to give a Chinese restaurant a try.

During the meal, we shared a bit of the Chinese customs with our friends and about the Midautum Festival, which is next Sunday (14 September). The dishes were average at best, of course compared to what one can get in China/ Hong Kong. Anyhow, we decided to get a moon cake after the meal. Quite lack of variety here. Beside the conventional moon cake, you don't get to see the Snow Skin type version here. Anyhow, Martynas, Pavel, hope that you like it. :)

We planned to have more regular walk around London during future weekends, and hoped to get more people involved.

By the way, for those who like rock band, do check out Martynas' cool band:

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