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A day in the life

Posted by Franco on 13 September 2008

Another Saturday morning that came after a week filled with Clubs presentations, meetings with alumni, assignments, cultural exchange, new friends and London.This week I found how amazing is the support that LBS network offers. In fact, this network is just an e-mail away, no matter in which region of the world the person who you want to contact lives. They will no hesitate to help you if you ask for help or guidance.

Yesterday the rain visited London again. After a sunny day, rain met me near the Big Ben. I was with some friends from the programme: Tomoki and Tadahiro, from Japan;Janser, from Brazil;Juan Camilo, from Colombia;Santiago, Andres, Alma and Maru, from Mexico and Padvel, from Bulgaria. We spent the afternoon walking through London, talking about topics not necessarily related to the MBA programme, learning from each other, until the sunset. It was great! Those kinds of experiences are the ones who inspire me.

Another Saturday, time to go to sign up with the doctor and finish the Council Tax. But most important, another chance to enjoy, learn, see and share with others and from others. Just another day in London, and it is great!



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