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2010's arrive!

Posted by Matthew on 20 September 2008

The 2010's have arrived. The campus is much more lively right now since they still have the enthusiasm of people who think that they will get summer internships. This is kind of cute still.

But it also means that this blog is now for the 2011's and beyond. And this unprecedented financial crisis created by a lack of liquidity in the markets that is diminishing the job prospects for 2009's and 2010's creates a definite opportunity for those planning to apply to Business School in the near future. First, academia becomes a pretty good place to shelter yourself from a horrible job market and create value in your CV and intellectual capital for 2 years. Second, people who truly understand what is currently happening and why will have significant advantages in the application process for Business School and more importantly, perhaps, for job interviews in the future.

All job interviews in the foreseeable future are going to focus on what is currently happening. In the few interviews that I have had since the end of my internship, it is clear that having a front row seat to the current events unfolding makes for great interview conversation and an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding. This is clearly the topic preoccupying most people in finance, consulting and industry. Nobody is being spared.

Not that this is all bad for us. Most of us have a had a very good time (2009's) and the 2010's will have a good (if not more stressful time) than us. But they should also permanently enter the job market on an upswing which is the best time to enter. Unless of course the $700bn bailout of the US financial system doesn't work.

But in the meantime, I am going to focus on the positives of the current situation -- the pubs have a lot of great company in the mornings now with all of the "available" bankers getting an early start at the early to close British pubs.


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