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Posted by Jerome on 22 August 2008

We're a couple of days away from day 1 and the MBA office is preparing another of their outstanding induction weeks. This week is very special, it's the first back to school in years (a *lot* of years for some of us!) and it's also one of the few occasions when the entire class is together. During the week there will be many opportunities to meet with all of you classmates, from your study group, stream and other streams. My advice to you: after the first day, before the barbecue, have a pint with your study group. Get to know you, background, interests, aspirations. Then try to meet as many students from other streams as you can. You will have plenty of time to meet your stream when the actual classes start. Then September will be the warm up month, with some interesting classes (I loved UIM) and also a day out... I embedded a video for you to see if you can have more fun than we did! September is a great month as the workload is not so heavy (ok ok I waived stats so even fewer hours...) that you can be hanging out with people all the time. Being at the pud every evening at that time of the year is not a bad experience! The weather is still pretty good and it's really cool to chat with new people. Just to give you a taster of what the rest of the year is gonna be like, I also attached the video we showed at the admits weekend. I hope you guys are looking forward to join the campus and I look forward to seeing you!


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