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Some shots at the School and London

Posted by Pak on 23 August 2008


For the past 2 days the weather here is good in general. Managed to get lovely sunlight most of the time. I have been exploring the neighbourhood around the College Hall and mapped out a jogging route around the British Museum. Yeah, the museum is behind my hall and have just visited there.

Below is a clip and some shots, more to come!

A Short Clip Outside the School's Sainsbury Building (Click to view)

Pictures from left to right:
Pictures 1, 2: London Business School
Picture 3: Outside Buckingham Palace
Picture 4: Hyde Park
Pictures  5, 6: Watching Olympic 2008 closing ceremony at Trafalgar Square
Picture 7: Spitalfields Market


Img_0503Img_0529_4 Snc00011



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