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Orientation...back to school ha...

Posted by Pak on 26 August 2008

Wow, first day of my London Business School's MBA orientation has begun!

Let me see where to begin...

1. The number of nationalities of people that I have met and spoken to on day 1 has outnumbered the total of that in my all previous years on this Earth. (That is 1 of the key reasons I come to the London Business School, i.e. to mingle with people from a variety of background, countries, cultures etc etc)

2. In a 2 hours or so session, students from different nations have stepped up to give a 2 minutes quick overview of people from their countries and tips on working with them. Though short in duration, definitely a good kick start to get everyone thinking about "collaboration among heterogeneous individuals". (Isn't that what we have been challenged with in our workplaces most of the time?)

3. The majority of people that I met today was eager to find out more about China, Hong Kong and Asia in general from me, such as the business atmosphere, life there etc. And of course I am also equally eager to learn that in other countries from the horse's mouth. I am looking forward to such experience sharing in the coming 2 years.

Some pictures to share:

Yeah..we have our own London Bus for the first day.

Snc00015 Snc00014

Snc00016 Snc00017Snc00018 Views from the Lord's Cricket Ground, where the Orientation was held for day 1


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