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Hello London!

Posted by Pak on 21 August 2008

Hi everyone! I just want to share what I am / will be going through during the coming 2 years in the London Business School. I have benefited so much from the School’s MBA blog when I was trying to decide which MBA program to go for, to hear what the people on the ground, i.e. we the students have to say about the School. And of course, my friends out there...as promised, I will love to share with you about my life here!

1 month ago.....

Time flies since the day I received and accepted the offer from the London Business School MBA program. In less than a month, I will be becoming a student once again! Though looking forward towards the excitement lying ahead in the MBA program, I can’t help but to have a headache with the list of things to prepare (or have just managed to strike off my “To-Do” list) before the term starts. Let’s see…student loan application (a.k.a. lots of paper work), student visa application (a.k.a. another round of paper work), accommodation hunting, financial arrangement, buying things to bring along….If that does not sound demanding enough, how about the good face-off time with my boss about leaving my current job. Well, to be honest, my wife has played a big role on these. I have come up a “To-Do” list with a targeted accomplished time for each task. She is the one that has been “monitoring” my progress (I think she enjoys the process). I think that is fun and having her to be part of my MBA preparation just gives me the kind of emotional support that one needs when facing a big change ahead.

First week in London....

My wife and I reached London on 18th August night. The border check at the Heathrow airport took some time. I was initially asked to go to the airport's health checkpoint for taking a chest X-Ray. It was lucky that the past chest X-Ray report that I brought along was deemed to be adequate and I did not need to join the queue for that.

After I settled down at the College Hall (where I am going to stay for my first year), we set off to tackle the list of action items (yeah...literally a LONG list of action items waiting for us to accomplish).

Let’s see, we visited the London Business School the next day and have all the administrative stuff sorted out pretty quickly. We were too excited to wait for the daily 2PM tour and so we started to do a bit of exploration within and around the School. The place is really lovely, plenty of space to stretch yourself after a day of hard work and of course, when the weather is good.

Next we went to do some shopping for my hostel room. Though given what has been provided in my room, I do not really need to buy much. Anyhow, we managed to grab some good bargains at places like Woolworth (thanks to the School's Survival Guide).

Oh yah, did I mention that breakfast and dinner are included for my College hall stay? The meals are up to standard and from the health point of view, I am happy with that. Anyhow, I take that as a good bargain compared to the meals found outside.

The next few days are spent visiting doctor for NHS registration, HSBC for opening bank account, police for registration, and of course, do some sightseeing in London.

Next Tuesday will be the beginning of the orientation week and I am definitely excited about it and looking forward to meet my fellow course mates. Meanwhile, take care, and watch out for this space J

p.s. One can easily configure a Windows mobile device to retrieve emails from the School's exchange server (or yahoo, gmail etc) using the wireless network freely available in the School, without using the more expensive option like the GPRS/ 3G. Was thrilled when I managed to get it working less than 15 minutes.


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