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Four Suitcases

Posted by Rebecca on 22 August 2008

Four suitcases: my Air Canada luggage allowance and the total amount of space I have to pack everything I will need in London. Plus two carry-ons if you want to be technical about it. Depending on your need for stuff (and fashion), four suitcases is either ample space or a life and death situation. I decided to apply an activities-based approach (can you tell I’ve been brushing up on accounting?) and began thinking about all the things I’ll likely do during my first year at London Business School. Certainly there will guest speakers and recruiting events, so a couple suits are a must. And of course there will be plenty of nights out at the pub (I’m already signed up for the Flat Hunters’ Pub Crawl – on every night for four weeks straight) so casual clothes and flat shoes are practical. I already signed up for the women’s rugby team and I can’t wait to run through Regent’s Park, so best find room for my athletic gear. Plus I’ll have to squeeze in the five umbrellas, three power adapters and eight London guidebooks given to me as going-away gifts. The four suitcases are already looking remarkably full. Oh well. Whatever I can’t fit I can either do without or buy – isn’t that what the line of credit is for? 


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