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Great First Two Weeks

Posted by Jann on 24 August 2008

     I arrived in London almost two weeks ago and while I was still back home in The Philippines, I was convinced that I was going to look forward to finding a flat, using the Tube, and having four seasons in a year.  I was so excited to experience all these because I haven't had the chance to back home.  In hindsight, however, I may have over done it...30 mins after I've arrived from the airport, I immediately went out and walked miles and miles around London looking for a possible flat, got a Day pass on the Tube, and I seem to have experienced four seasons in a DAY (no, not YEAR) having to put my coat on and taking it off more than a couple of times. (To think it was summer here)  By the end of it, I was exhausted!  I think I've reached my quota, in terms of achieving the things I was looking forward to here, just on my first day.

     But there is one thing I enjoyed and still am enjoying a lot for the first two weeks I've been here.  And that is meeting the other MBA 2010s (and some of the MIF 2009s as well). Whether it be through the Flat Hunter's Pub Crawl, Sundowners, Meet and Greet, or just through London tours, nights out, and flat warming events some small groups organize here and there.

    Classes have not yet started, but I'm learning a lot as I meet my fellow 2010s.  My exposure and expertise is within Industry and a lot of the people I've spoken to were from Finance or Consulting.  I expected not to grasp some of what the others have done previously.  There was an instance where I drew a blank stare when I was told by one person he was doing M&A (I still drew a blank even when he said Mergers & Acquisitions).  Nor did I truly understand someone when he said he did subprime mortgage trading. (I wonder if I even got this correctly). It's quite comforting too that not all people have a grasp of the other functions in Industry especially the uncommon ones like my background.  I do hope that the fact that there is diversity will enrich us in the next 2 years.  Of course, do not forget the cultural sharing which makes for good learning as well.
    With the great first two weeks here, I am so looking forward to the next great two years of my life at London Business School.


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