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Counting down to the start of school

Posted by Charlotte on 04 August 2008

20 days more till the beginning of term and I wish it would just start now. After the luxury of a long break from work and a 5 month trip round India I want to use my brain again and check it still functions (unlikely).
Every now and then as I talk to friends who are having interviews and advancing in their careers I wonder whether I've made the right decision in choosing to do an MBA. There is always the niggling wonder in the back of my mind whether real work experience wouldn’t be more useful. And then there’s the cost of an MBA... And the number of people who look at me blankly when I say I’m a student again (or worse, those who ask 'What are you doing your MBA in?').
However, somehow I know that this is going to be an amazing experience. Every single person I’ve met so far is not who you expect – the Italian person who grew up in Brazil, the Spanish guy who works in the Netherlands… It’s exciting and after 10 years of living abroad it’ll be fun to discover London alongside this crew. As long as they don’t expect me to be able to tell them where anything is in London. Except for the 3 nearest pubs to the school – I’ve got that figured…


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