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And we’re off…

Posted by Krish on 31 August 2008

The entire class is here. Orientation week is over. But the fun has only just begun.

As a new student starting his MBA at London Business School, I could've hardly asked for a more exciting start to the program. As you can tell from the experiences of my fellow “20-ten’ers” below, we’ve all had an incredibly busy yet amazing two weeks. I obviously had heard about how diverse London Business School was before I got here, but what lay in store still managed to surprise. My study group, like those profiled in the other posts has seven people – all from different countries (India, Japan, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Turkey and Canada). If I can’t learn about global management and leadership in an environment like this, I don’t know where else I’d go. I could go on and on (and want to ☺ ) about the neat things from my brief time here, but my friends have done immense justice to that.

I’ve waited 28 years for this” was what I told the steward at Lord’s. As a die-hard Indian cricket fan whose earliest memories of Indian cricketing glory was watching Kapil Dev hoist the world cup from the balcony at Lord’s, I always have wonderful memories of the ground. When we reached there on our first day of orientation, it was a special feeling. I guess Lord’s place in cricket is like that of Lambeau field in Football (the American kind) – a place that has been witness to remarkable legends and sporting history. Now that Lord’s is only a few minutes walk from school and home, I hope to enjoy some matches there (starting with a county game this coming weekend). More to come on that…

I’m sitting in a room now at school, working on my “Good Idea” for a competition run by the entrepreneurship club (and of course writing this blog) and I feel nervous – not the bad kind of nervousness, but rather that of excitement. The next two years have a lot in store for the 320 of us – classes and exams, interviews and jobs, parties and friendships, heartbreaks and successes. The thing in common though is the school and the fact that all of us will be in this together -- trying to cross the finish line, leaving no one behind and at the same time ensuring that we all enjoy every minute of this wonderful journey.


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