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The Milk Round

Posted by Matthew on 08 January 2008

So... vacation has ended (Italy was great though I am still getting feeling back in my neck after snowboarding), and we have now started Corporate Partners Week, or On-Campus Recruiting, or some even call it The Milk Round. This is the period when all of the big companies come to campus to peddle their wares and look for a lucky few interns for the summer. While there are many presentations, only a third of the class will actually get their summer associate positions through this process though many more than a third are trying very hard. So the following is what I have gleamed so far:


1) Everyone here thinks they are awesome. Most aren't. Most people are effectively the same exact person on paper -- graduated form university and spent 3 to 6 years working at a bank/consulting firm/random company. What you (as a current LBS applicant) can do now is... differentiate yourself as much as possible before you start school. Now is the time to compete in an Ironman Triathlon (Will) or start a charity that helps Malawi orphans avoid adoption by Madonna. Because really, being the 2009 Representative to the XY Club is not going to be that separating factor. I think most people will realize this soon when we all get rejected more often than a young American couple seeking a home loan.

2) If you have not been networking before The Milk Round, it is already too late. The networking sessions consist of over 150 students reeking of desperation surrounding approximately 5 to 10 company employees. They will likely not remember you from today. Nor is handing off somebody your business card the end game. They probably won't do anything with it unless they ask for it.

3) No groceries for the week. This is a week of free food. Don't do groceries this week. Save yourself that 10 pounds or 100 bucks. Every presentation comes with a bountiful supply of sandwiches. Some even have French macarons which are truly a tasty treat. Go for the hot trays first -- they will be in the most demand.

4) Figure out what you want to do before today. Every company sounds great in a presentation. They will seduce you with talk of their culture, their money, their free food (I might be more susceptible to the latter than most). Research properly what you are interested in before, otherwise you will end up interested in everything during the Milk Round.

5) When a banker asks you if you do modeling, he isn't asking you if you go down the catwalk. I was indeed flattered the first time I was asked before I politely responded that I am not tall enough to do that professionally. Apparently, you should learn how to model before the Milk Round as well.

That is what I have gotten so far. I would have a Top Ten list but the Hollywood Writer's Strike continues, and I can't come up with an extra 5. Peace to my brothers in Hollywood. If the Simpsons or Conan O"Brien needs writers, I am shockingly still unemployed after two days.


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